Six Flags Magic Mountain Update February 7th 2015.

We were at Six Flags Magic Mountain again today. There’s lots of Twisted Colossus and Scream! stuff going on, which we’ll publish is a couple of hours from now, to get the coverage started, here’s an update with some regular things around the park. Please note that the weather was horrible in the morning, and cloudy and misty the rest of the day, thus the pictures may look a bit grayish.

With the new LEDs installed in the fountain, it seems as if the park’s keeping the fountain this way, which looks awesome at night too! 20150207_171223 (Large)

Part of Lot 1 is being resurfaced.20150207_162522 (Large)

In Goliath’s line the fence that was totally ripped apart over the years has been replaced. 20150207_164549 (Large)

Wonder Woman: Lasso of Truth has reopened after a couple of months. Next up: Swashbuckler, hopefully.20150207_170547 (Large) While everyone’s dying and hyping over the Scream! repaint that just started, the Road Runner Express repaint is almost completed!20150207_163512 (Large) 20150207_163509 (Large) Only the lift-hill and the first drop are left to be repainted! 20150207_163505 (Large) Apocalypse had me on edge today. First off, the usual ‘we run only 1 train for your future enjoyment’-sign wasn’t there. Additionally there was no wait time listed. They sent me in the line, and I found myself waiting in the switchbacks, and no trains came by. It already looked like a one-train operation. So after 5 more minutes of waiting, I was able to find an employee to ask, which then told me they were indeed only running one train. People (on a deserted day) waited in a long line without any info on how many trains were operating, or what the wait time was… 20150207_173129 (Large)  Besides that, which just bothered me a bit because it was cold and drizzling :P, there are multiple spots on the ride where Apocalypse is being retracked. 20150207_172626 (Large) After a couple of years, the station covers in the back of the X2 station are being replaced one by one. The first one, all the way in the back, is taken out now. 20150207_184525 (Large)

This was a little pre-Twisted Colossus Update. Which is LIVE now! Click here for the many Twisted Colossus surprises, and the Scream! repaint goodness!

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