Twisted Colossus Construction Update of January 24th 2015

The Twisted Colossus construction crew has picked up the pace again! There’s a lot of work being done on different parts of the future ride.

They’re placing more track that leads to the High Five element. As I was taking pictures many pieces of track were located right next to the High Five structure, and cranes were working with the pieces, which likely indicates a lot more track will be placed here soon.20150124_125402 (Large) On the other side of the High Five structure, metal connector-pieces have been placed, in addition on the ground next to it metal beams are stored. I expect the placement of these beams to start soon, after which we can see even more track placement. 20150124_125357 (Large)

Speaking of stored track pieces, there are a lot of green track pieces located near the old second turn-around. They seem to be straight pieces or non-banked turns, which indicates that we’ll likely see the construction of the break section soon. 20150124_125123 (Large) 20150124_125149 (Large)

Taking a look at the old camel-back/ block section, they seem to be taking out almost all of the structure. Which seems pretty obvious to me, as the Top Gun element is likely going to need a whole lot more structure changes than some of the other parts of Twisted Colossus. 20150124_125236 (Large) 20150124_125311 (Large)

But, they’re already busy putting together new parts of the wooden structure. 20150124_125347 (Large) Let’s move on to Scream! Where they’re power cleaning the supports. It’s slightly hard to see below, but the supports and track are being cleaned for the repaint it will soon receive!20150124_124935 (Large) 20150124_124958 (Large) Perhaps some of the most exciting news… The Twisted Colossus photo-op now states that Twisted Colossus will open in Spring… they changed from Summer plans to Spring plans, something I haven’t see Six Flags Magic Mountain do in a very long time! 20150124_132655 (Large) 20150124_132727 (Large)

That was about it for today! Thanks for reading! Make sure to check out last week’s update with even more Twisted Colossus construction details, by clicking here!

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