TRON: Lightcycle Run Construction Update – Magic Kingdom – Mid September 2020

Though we had originally made a reservation for Disney’s Hollywood Studios for today, we ended up switching that to Magic Kingdom. Why? – Well, Rise of the Resistance is running with just one elevator, and with the chances of that being a smooth process being very slim, a trip to Magic Kingdom suddenly was much more appealing to us. Of course we captured TRON: Lightcycle Run construction pictures to share with you!

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We started our afternoon at the park with a ride on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, which ran like the usual hot-mess that it is. However, today’s lines were so short we ended up riding three times, two of those experiences we walked right on.

I can never stay mad at this Big Thunder Mountain Railroad installation for too long, especially not when we don’t actually have to queue for long.

Of course we also checked out the Fantasyland version of a mine themed roller coaster. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train may not be that intense, but it remains to be one of our favorite rides at Magic Kingdom!

We’ve been getting our Splash Mountain rides in, because of obvious reasons. Though I can’t help but feel it’s really time for the ride to get that update. I can’t wait for the Princess and the Frog relaunch of the ride. #FrogMountain

I now refuse to visit Magic Kingdom without wearing TRON gear. The cast LOVES to see it, and we continuously end up in long conversations with cast members about the Shanghai coaster and how excited we are for it to come to Orlando.

Speaking of TRON, let’s go check out the progress on this massive new Vekoma coaster.

It feels as if Disney is moving along with this project at a breakneck pace in order to still get it open sometime in 2021 (the 50th anniversary of Magic Kingdom). Today we’re seeing lots of activity on the entrance to the ride’s queue, station, etc which are all taking place directly above the launch track:

A few days ago we shared with you pictures of the canopy going vertical. At first, one spot on site seemed to be designated to putting the structures together prior to being lifted into place by crane. Now it looks like there are at least three areas around the construction site where they are assembling the superstructure.

Don’t forget that the vast majority of TRON: Lightcycle Run‘s show-building will be hidden by the canopy, meaning they still have a long way to go. However, it is incredibly exciting seeing them move so rapidly to get this final major aspect of the construction vertical.

A significant milestone has been reached, the first part of the canopy that suspends over the ride’s track has been lifted and positioned in place! This is where the 60MPH launch meets the outdoor portion of the ride. The brown structure seen around the turn is temporary and assists with getting the canopy up.

It’s hard to really catch a glimpse of the newly constructed pieces from above. Try to imagine the whole building being hidden by the spectacular canopy, which will stand taller than the current show-building.

With all the canopy pieces being assembled right now,  I think we’ll see this superstructure vertical quite soon! We’re excited!

Here’s a quick shot of Shanghai Disneyland’s TRON: Lightcycle Power Run to get you excited for the final product here in Florida.

Thank you so much for checking out this quick TRON: Lightcycle Run Construction Update! We’ve got a brand new Coaster Kings Radio episode available tomorrow (September 17th), so make sure to stream that on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, or right here on our site.

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