The New Revolution Update – February 28th

20160228_143037 (Large)So I went to Six Flags Magic Mountain today for a New Revolution Update. Little did I expect that my usual 5 minute drive to the park’s parking lot turned into a 60 minute one. The park reached parking capacity, and it took me 90 minutes to park and get inside the park. So keep in mind the hell I went through to get this update. I’ll also be posting a regular Six Flags Magic Mountain update with pictures of the wonderful crowds! Let’s start taking a look at The New Revolution and the renewed Six Flags Plaza! 

Recently our images have popped up on other sites and forums, awesome that our coverage spreads, not so awesome that no one mentioned where they got the images from. We are totally fine with our audience using our images, BUT ONLY IF credit is given to Thank you!

Let’s start with Suzette’s bakery that’s being turned into the World Famous Funnel Cake Factory. The awnings and signage have been removed, the restaurant was still open on the other hand. It will soon be closing to also undergo an interior makeover. 20160228_132836 (Large)The repaint of the bandstand in is continuing nicely, the colors used are pretty retro, similar to some of the colors used on the Grand Carousel. 20160228_144241 (Large) The Cyber Cafe logo has been taken out, part of the restaurant already received new colors of red paint, soon it will be transformed into the Plaza Cafe. 20160228_144228 (Large) The Flags store is becoming the Six Flags Emporium, the repaint of the outside started a while ago, though for some odd reason I feel like they added this new white very recently. 20160228_144243 (Large) 20160228_144301 (Large) Moving on to the actual New Revolution… the base of the loop will be painted blue it seems. I’m still glad they decided to keep the looping structure white. 20160228_144150 (Large)  The supports on the far right end of the ride are finally being repainted, I’d say about 75% of the supports (per support) has been painted. The top sections of the supports are still white. The track and white beams below it have been repainted white already. 20160228_133027 (Large)The drop coming out of that turn we see above has been repainted, though it still seems that the supports remain to be baby-blue primer for now. 20160228_143124 (Large) The turn passing by Tatsu’s station has been repainted entirely now, including the supports. Unlike supports close to the paths guests walk on, the footers here remain gray. 20160228_143037 (Large) (My apologies for the weird sun flare, the sun was distorted through opaque clouds). 😛 The footers next to the paths have also been painted the same color blue. 20160228_143342 (Large) The first drop’s track and supports are almost completely painted as well. The track seems repainted though there are still some supports and footers with the baby-blue primer on them.  20160228_143351 (Large) The lift-hill supports on the other hand seem completely repainted. 🙂 20160228_143356 (Large) The railings for the ADA entrance path are currently going up! 20160228_143622 (Large) The exit path construction continues as well, the new concrete path back to the main entrance of the ride has been placed, the railings leading to the new concrete path as well. Note that they’ve also started landscaping around the exit path! 20160228_143454 (Large) The new black railings have also been installed on the stairs leading up from the exit, for those that wish to continue their journey through the park in Baja Ridge or Rapids Camp Crossing. 20160228_143504 (Large) Here’s an overall shot of the new exit. Must add that the black railings everywhere look pretty sharp, in my opinion. 20160228_143512 (Large) The construction work in the station continues, with the creation of the new operator panel. Funny enough there was some maintenance guy working on electrical things it seemed. 20160228_143522 (Large) The bridge has been repainted the same baby-blue gray now! Hopefully we’ll see what they have in store for landscaping around the bridge soon. For those who weren’t aware, the waterfalls will not be coming back to The New Revolution. 20160228_143527 (Large)Let’s finish this New Revolution Update with a look at the freshly repainted white loop, the newly repainted white track passing by the Valencia Falls… and some fresh new blue supports! 20160228_132913 (Large)

Thank you for checking out this quick New Revolution update, I’ll be back with a lot more in the near future! If you haven’t yet, check out our new Universal Studios Hollywood Update from yesterday! We also have a Six Flags Magic Mountain update (including a look at the crazy crowds) that just went live!

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  1. Thanks for the great New Revolution update!! Your effort is greatly appreciated!! The updates are exciting, we all look forward to them, and you never let us down!!

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