Six Flags Magic Mountain at Capacity + Quick Update

20160228_143647 (Large)What happens when Bring a Free Friend Day coincides with a Cheer Championship, and nice weather? Hell is created! Six Flags Magic Mountain reached capacity early on in the afternoon, having to send hundreds of cars away. It was awesome to see the park with this attendance, though it wasn’t very enjoyable 😛 . Though I just posted a New Revolution Update, in this update we’ll be taking a look around the park itself, and the crazy crowds of course!

Recently our images have popped up on other sites and forums, awesome that our coverage spreads, not so awesome that no one mentioned where they got the images from. We are totally fine with our audience using our images, BUT ONLY IF credit is given to Thank you!

The picture you see below, was about 30 minutes into my drive to Magic Mountain. Usually this takes 5 minutes, today all local roads and freeways were blocked and filled with thrill seekers wanting to get to the park. After about another 30 minutes, I got to lot 3 of overflow (yes the one in the middle of nowhere). This was around noon… (well 1PM by the time I got to parking). 20160228_122951 (Large) The first thing I saw, every single trash-can was overflowing, piled up. Even so much so that trash was just all over the place. I think you get the idea if I just show one picture, and all you have to do is imagine like 20 of these. 20160228_125251 (Large) After a long slow walk (bus lines were incredibly long, opted to walk), this was the sight, the park at 1PM. 20160228_130232 (Large) “Go to Six Flags in the Off-Season” they said, “It’ll be fun” they said. Well waiting 30 mins to get through security was the exact opposite of that. Though I did get to admire the big white structure of the ticket booths for a little while. 20160228_130311 (Large) Incorporating some actual update stuff, the Full Throttle Nights stage is being dismantled entirely, or perhaps this current frame will remain, the stage will be put back together for shows starting early May. Speaking of which, the park was hosting talent auditions today as well, to find new musicians and dancers for Full Throttle nights! 20160228_133020 (Large) Ready for more crowds and lines? HECK YEAH! Goliath’s line was out of the many switchbacks across the Goliath plaza, hosting a 3 hour wait. 20160228_133454 (Large) Sorry for the sun-flare in advance, it was incredibly strangely clouded in the sky… Even the park’s flat rides hosted crazy lines. The line for the buccaneer leading down towards Wonderful Pistachio Park. The line for Swashbuckler was going down the stairs as well. 20160228_133459 (Large) Moving to the other side of Goliath, to the Screampunk District… we find…  a 3 hour line for Twisted Colossus! 20160228_133818 (Large) And our beloved (normally a walk-on) Scream! had a healthy 90 mins to 2 hour line! 20160228_134143 (Large) In DC Universe (to noone’s surprise 😛 ) Green Lantern: First Flight had the shortest wait around, filling up 1/4th of the switchbacks. 20160228_135001 (Large) Moving on to some update-worthy material, is the destroyed material we find over at the old Action Theater. (The door to the old theater entrance was open, I did not trespass for those concerned. Readers, never trespass!). The following picture (slightly zoomed) will show you the destruction found beyond the walls. 20160228_135357 (Large) This big backdrop wall of the stadium is pretty much all there’s left of it. 20160228_135412 (Large) Well besides the smaller wall and the entrance to the stadium. Note that the entire arena seating has been taken out (happened last week), really clearing out the area fast. 20160228_135424 (Large) Here’s a look at the stadium from a distance, you may notice how empty it looks. Now see Riddler’s Revenge towering over it, sure makes the ride stand out for me. I would’ve gotten a shot of the theater seating being taken out… but I wasn’t going to wait in line for Riddler’s Revenge to get that shot. Better luck next time 😉20160228_142316 (Large) More lines! The line for Totally Kickin’ Chicken, was Totally Frickin’ Long. The line for the food-location extended to the entrance of Apocalypse. I feel as if the park truly didn’t anticipate these crowds, as they didn’t even use the side windows to serve guests.  20160228_142555 (Large) LineMania continues below Tatsu, where the line almost reached the Jet Stream overpass! 20160228_142818 (Large) The line for Tatsu was about 3 hours long as well!20160228_142830 (Large) Speaking of Tatsu, I totally LOVE this giant support, it’s the largest single support I’ve ever seen and I’m always amazed by the sheer size of it! 20160228_142837 (Large) More coaster pics! I was totally going to get a ride in on Viper, because yes I do really like that ride… but when I realized this beauty had a line using all switchbacks and extending out of the station…20160228_143647 (Large) I decided not to wait the hour to ride it. I must say I did really like seeing the entire queue filled for Viper! 20160228_143919 (Large) The big Arrow sister next door, X2, also hosted a 3 hour line, with the line extending to the end of the bridge. I remember the line starting next to the old Panda Express in December of 2010 when they were running just one train, I’m glad this line was at least moving 🙂20160228_143722 (Large) Well, since I live very close, and visit quite frequently (as you may know) I decided it was time for me to head out around 3PM, only to find out that the park’s parking capacity was reached and that there were still hundreds of cars beyond the parking booths, waiting to get a parking spot. 20160228_145016 (Large) But with all overflow lots filled, including the one to the side of the long employee-entrance road… there weren’t any spaces left. 20160228_150643 (Large) So Six Flags Magic Mountain management and the Santa Clarita Sheriff blocked off the entrance to the park and started sending cars away. Sadly there were hundreds of cars on local streets and the freeway trying to get to the park… Luckily the park extended their hours to 9PM and made the Bring a Free Friend Day tickets valid MARCH 6th, 13th, or 20th as well, for those that were denied access to the park because of the capacity being reached. 20160228_150907 (Large) Well that was the Six Flags Magic Mountain Update… that would’ve just been added to The New Revolution update that I posted earlier, but I just had to share those crazy crowd pictures with you all! It was insane seeing the park this full with many 3 hour long lines. Usually that only happens on Saturday nights during Fright Fest. Not the ‘off-season’! Make sure to check out our New Revolution Update20160228_143037 (Large)

Thank you for checking out this quick Six Flags Magic Mountain update, I’ll be back with a lot more in the near future! If you haven’t yet, check out our new Universal Studios Hollywood Update from yesterday!

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  1. It was crazy to see the park this busy in February. The traffic into the park was insane! After waiting an hour on the Old Rd trying to get into the park I gave up and decided not to go the park.

  2. Thanks for the details/pics of why it was at capacity. It was fun to see all the pictures. I wonder what SFMM management was thinking that afternoon. 🙂 I live out of state and would happily wait 1 hour for Viper any day of the week if it was where I live.

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