THE JOKER – Construction Update #4

DSC_0816 (Large)Ready for amazingness beyond belief? Here’s THE JOKER Update that you don’t want to miss, an extensive and detailed look at the newest star coaster coming to California. The crazy awesome, chaotically twisted and incredible looking Rocky Mountain Construction Hybrid Coaster… THE JOKER! Here’s the newest Update!

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We’re returned to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom today, and hopefully by the title of this article, you know what that means. Yes that’s right we’re back with more Joker coverage and boy is construction starting to get interesting. After largely reshaping the structure as seen in previous weeks (and updates) the placement steel cross beams and thus track have become the focus of the process. However, I’d rather show than tell you what’s happening, so here you are, the visible construction of a chaotic coaster in the making.

Many of the steel beams and wood stacks remain in the parking lot, but the track has been put elsewhere.DSC_0771 (Large)

It’s looking a little different from the parking lot these days, shall we investigate?DSC_0772 (Large)

The station track has been entirely placed. In addition there is a ladder in the area, meaning some electrical work is most likely being done.DSC_0813 (Large)

The turn out of the station has been entirely placed as well.DSC_0826 (1) (Large)

The pre-lift, although less visible, has been completed. In fact, it looks very reminiscent of its cousin RMC in Southern California, Twisted Colossus.DSC_0809 (Large) 20141125_161439 (Large)

Although the photos aren’t great, I can say for sure that the pre-lift includes a lot more small hops and banking than the animation led on. It is very much looking like Twisted Colossus, and for that I have no complaint.DSC_0807 (Large)

The lift hill has been completed as well. and is looking very nice.DSC_0816 (Large) DSC_0805 (Large)

There is however a small disconnect from the pre-lift to the lift.DSC_0808 (Large)

The old chain has been removed and is located at the bottom of the station building. There is another chain as well as some sort of wiring next to Superman’s overflow switch backs. Not sure if this is the new chain, it seems a bit dirty, but that could just be grease.DSC_0823 (Large)

Also in the area are the pre existing stacks of wood, metal parts, those strange orange and green fan like objects and now some new construction equipment such as the orange bobcat.DSC_0817 (Large) DSC_0818 (Large)

Looking just to the left, the entirety of the brake run has been placed all the way down to the station.DSC_0815 (Large)

Cross beams have been put in just leading up to it, but the respective track has yet to be placed. Our guess is that this will be the last track placed, and that construction will go as in sequential order of the coasters elements.

As mentioned, the structure has been completely reshaped with all the old GCI track removed. The turnarounds and hills are either gone (Most of the low to the ground elements) or stripped down beyond recognition (The higher stuff).DSC_0827 (Large)DSC_0824 (Large)

The major exception to this is the turnaround directly after the first drop. Many steel cross beams have popped up, forming the crazily canted shape of the world’s first Step Up Under flip.DSC_0796 (Large) DSC_0786 (Large)

Looking at it straight on, it’s very clear how twisted and insane this inversion will be. Much like must of the rest of this coaster, it looks just about as mad as the character it shares a name with.DSC_0796 (Large) DSC_0819 (Large)

Speaking of mad, doesn’t something come before the Step Up Under flip… oh right, just a little thing called the absolutely wrong looking in every way we could hope for first drop!Drop Collage Joker 001

No seriously, the sudden steepness, a small but quick left bank, followed by an immediate and sharp bank to the right, and with such a small window of pull out, the forces here will hit you in every direction. It’s just so stunning to look at, never mind what it will be like to ride. Focus on the track, you’ll notice that it doesn’t have paint on the wheels’ path. This is to prevent the paint from affecting the wheels and hopefully results in a smooth opening of the ride. DSC_0785 (Large)

Looking at in from a wide angle is even more gorgeous 🙂DSC_0864 (Large)

Here’s some more DROP LOVE!Drop Collage Joker 002 (Large)

That about wraps up this update, and in all seriousness, from what’s been constructed, and what we have seen in the animations, this coaster looks phenomenal. The motif I’m starting to gather is how varied yet strong the forces will be. From laterals to airtime, this is going to be one hell of a fast paced, relentless, and violently forceful experience, and we can’t wait. The clown prince of crime is coming to take over Northern California. So, what is your favourite element on this coaster? Comment below, and let us know!

Thank you so very much for checking out this update, make sure to check back here for more and more frequent updates as the construction process quickens and intensifies. We are your source for all your Joker construction chaos, and we’ll do our best to provide you with the best coverage we can over these next couple of months.Joker Header001

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7 Replies to “THE JOKER – Construction Update #4”

  1. I visited during early hitp and was impressed with the construction. Extremely glad to see how quickly it is coming along. As a new norcal resident I cannot wait to ride this multiple times!

  2. Thanks for the update, I’m really keeping an eye on this one since I hope to be riding it once complete.

    First… that Drop WOW!!! The shaping looks like it will provide some nice floater Air in the back as it twist to the left dare I say Mini Expedition Ge Force lol ;O)

    Second just like it’s cousin TC I’m loving the color combo much much better once they are together on the coaster, also TC and Joker must be First cousins b/c the DNA in those prelift runs are very close, you can certainly see the family resemblance That RMC family tree is shaping up to be a real beauty

    Third…I Love the park Skyline pic!!! just beautiful Imo

    Lastly, again thanks for the update and really thanks for just taking pics of the ride and construction goings on with out all the stupid trying to be artistic with weird angles. colors, lightning and techno music lol

    1. Thank you for your positive note! We’re stunned by the rapid construction and are loving how it’s turning out. From the small changes like the pre-lift, to the impressive twisting drop. They’ve got a real winner on their hands. Guaranteed! 😀

    1. We’ll have to see. The renderings didn’t show such tunnel, but neither did the rendering show an accurate pre-lift. In addition, I do know the park is working on something special regarding either the line or the ride. I just don’t know exactly what. Looking at the Joker ride at Six Flags Mexico that has both a tunnel on the ride, and in line, I wouldn’t be surprised to see something similar at Discovery Kingdom.

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