The Joker – Construction Update #3

DSC_0700 (Large)After just a few weeks since our last update, The Joker has undergone tremendous amounts of construction. Northern California’s most anticipated coaster in over a decade is shaping up quite nicely, and the transformation now more apparent than ever. From old track removal, to dare I say, new track arrival? Let’s get into this update and discuss.

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There are still many stacks of fresh RMC wood in and around the structure of the coaster, all of which are marked CA park on their cover.DSC_0767 (Large)

The nuts, bolts, washers, small steel cross beams, and various other smaller metal objects.image1

The most obvious change is all of the track on the lift hill has been removed, along with good portions of the structure at the base, and the chain.image5 (Large)

Much of the excess landscaping such as nearby trees and shrubs are also being removed.imagef (Large)

The first drop has been similarly deconstructed with no remaining track and the pullout at the bottom having been entirely removed including the structure.DSC_0763 (Large)imaged (Large)

In fact, almost all of the old track has been entirely removed. The last remaining sliver is a section not much more than 15 ft long in the turnaround near V2.image7 (Large)

The amount that has been removed is really put to scale by the huge amounts of old track laying in piles in and around the structure.imageg (Large) image4 (Large)image2 (Large)

The future location of the Step Up Under Roll in the first turnaround of course has no track remaining and the structure has been whittled down slightly as well.DSC_0765 (Large)imagee (Large)

The following large airtime hill, and future location of the Zero-G Stall, has had its track entirely removed, and the bookends of the structure have been stripped away as well. imageb (Large)

The entire middle/ low to the ground section where the tunnels were has been removed, track and structure. The tunnels themselves are no longer in the area, leaving only the concrete footers.DSC_0713 (Large)

Much of the turnaround nearest V2 has been deconstructed including its structure and the drop off it is now isolated, with no track and no structure on either end. There are full sized cross-beams located in the same area as well. image3 (Large)

The final airtime hills and turns have been entirely removed also and only the structure of the brake run is left.image1 (Large)

Speaking of the brake run structure, the steel cross beams that allow for RMC’s I-box track to be placed have been installed.DSC_0708G (Large)DSC_0714 (Large)

Although there is no station track, the same steel cross beams have been installed from the station up until almost the lift hill.DSC_0709 (Large)

Maybe what we found in the back of the parking lot will help explain these installations.

Well, there are more stacks of fresh wood…DSC_0696 (Large)

There are piles of full sized steel cross beams…DSC_0697 (Large)

But what could are cross beams without… mesmerizing purple green RMC I-Box track?!DSC_0695 (Large) DSC_0702 (Large)DSC_0701 (Large)

Yes, that’s right, the first shipment of RMC track has finally arrived! We have to say, the purple and green track really is chaotically colorful, and just simply beautiful. The track that has arrived is that of the pre-lift, station, and brake-run, so we should see these pieces placed very soon. After that, we are all in for a treat.DSC_0700 (Large)

Thank you so very much for checking out this update, make sure to check back here for more and more frequent updates as the construction process quickens and intensifies. We are your source for all your Joker construction chaos, and we’ll do our best to provide you with the best coverage we can over these next couple of months.

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Please make sure to comment below, let us know your thoughts on The Joker, we hope you are as excited as we are for this amazing new Rocky Mountain Construction Thrill Machine!

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  1. It’s interesting that the track connector pieces are not painted down the center, where the wheels run. The paint here would eventually wear down anyway. I wonder why they did that on these pieces but not on the track itself.

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