Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Update – November 14th 2015

image6 (Large)Having been a few weeks since our last visit during Fright Fest, we made another trip out to the park before the next seasonal event starts. With Fright Fest in the rear view mirror and Holiday in the Park on the horizon, as well as just general changes, there is plenty to talk about! Let’s take a look at what’s going on at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom!

As far as general operations, Kong is back to two train operations which is truly a blessing.image6 (Large)

Medusa experienced some down time throughout the day, but opened up consistently in the later afternoon.DSC_0754 (Large)

White Water Safari has opened up again, which is fantastic! It really is an underrated rapids ride and it has had quite a bit of down time recently.image3 (Large)

Boomerang and Tazmanian Devil have both closed for their routine off season maintenance, as the park is open year round this is typically the time for them to be closed.image2 (Large)

Thrilla Gorilla is closed, and most likely won’t reopen until next year, as it remained closed last Holiday in the Park.DSC_0738 (Large)
We were lucky enough to get to see some of the trainers walking their otters around the park. They were very careful to keep them a comfortable distance away from guests, but were also very willing to allow guests to take pictures, or answer any questions about the animals, it was very cool! At what other park would this happen to you? DSC_0720 (Large)

Interestingly, quite a few new benches have been popping up around the park as an interruption of fences. Not a super significant change, but we’re happy about it. Please Magic Mountain management, if you read this, follow DK, and add some new benches. 🙂DSC_0755 (Large)

As previously mentioned,  Fright Fest is over and thus a mountain of work has to be done to clean up such a large scale event, but an impressive amount of work has been done. Most of the mazes are out of sight and thus the deconstruction process isn’t really in the way, like with Scrapyard of The Dead, Slaughter House, and Captain Bloat’s Shipwreck.DSC_0715 (Large)

On the other hand, Monsoon Falls remains closed as they take apart Blood Lake, but the process is nearly over it seems. The station area is mostly empty and most of the props have been removed.unnamed (3)

Carnevil is taking up some space as well. It’s walls are still up and occupying the bottom most floor of the eating area by the food court.unnamed (5)

Amazingly, Arsenic and Arianna’s Massacre manor has been completely taken apart and converted back to the bumper cars that are generally in this location.unnamed (4)

As far as Scare Zones, both Arachnid Alley and Mt. Rotting Cemetery have already been taken down, and lights for Holiday in the park are popping up in both of these areas. The candy canes have yet to show up for the latter however.image4 (Large)

Zombie Quarantine has been completely taken down and the borders and platform of the sledding hill that goes there during Holiday in the Park are already in place.image1 (Large)

The large inflatable snow globe behind Toyota Stadium has appeared for guests to frolic about in this Holiday in the Park.  DSC_0729 (Large)

It really seems as though the park has increased the amount of lights that will be used this year. Almost every piece of landscaping in the park is covered in them.DSC_0725 (Large) DSC_0742 (Large)

The promotion of their seasonal event on all the marketing includes an addition of a brand new light-show by the name of Dazzle. We’re not quite sure what this will be or where it will go but we have some guesses. – We’re waiting for the park to give us the official information. We’ll share on Social Media what it’s all about, soon!DSC_0761 (Large)

The entrance plaza and the stores around the fountain seem to be really covered in lights with very few exceptions.  This could be the location for the park’s new show.DSC_0746 (Large) These lights, dear readers, are the same kinds of lights we see at other light-shows like the one at Six Flags Magic Mountain… indicating that the main plaza of Six Flags Discovery Kingdom will be hosting the new Dazzle light-show! DSC_0745 (Large)

Oasis Plaza has begun its impressive retheme to Toy Land. Most of the large props have already been placed, and lights have replaced the Fright Fest cobwebs.DSC_0751 (Large) DSC_0750 (Large) DSC_0747 (Large) image5 (Large)

Last but not least, the large Christmas tree has been placed in the fountain, and we do mean large. It has yet to be topped off or covered in lights, but it is very impressive nonetheless.IMG_0048

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Thanks so much for checking out this update we really do appreciate it. So what’s your favorite Holiday theme park event? Comment below and let us know!

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