Six Flags Magic Mountain and New Revolution Update – November 14th 2015

20151114_142525 (Large)Today was Key Club Day at Six Flags Magic Mountain… and we all know what that means. Long lines and endless chants. I therefore spent little time at the park, just went to bring you an update. There’s a lot of Holiday in the Park prep going on still, the tree-cutting and removal continues, there’s some additional landscaping, ride maintenance, and of course the New Revolution! 

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Let’s start with the entrance to the parking lot, where the overhead artwork has been updated from Colossus to Twisted Colossus. The wooden coaster art work now features blue and green tracks! 20151114_142205 (Large) Some more Holiday in the Park decorations and scenery pieces have been placed at the entrance. Sadly the Key Club banner had to welcome me… 😛20151114_142349 (Large) The main plaza has several more scenery pieces ready to go for Holiday in the Park. But before we continue, let’s play a game. In the pictures… spot the Key Clubs! 😀20151114_142459 (Large) The ‘Ice/Snow Sculptures’ at the Winter Wonderland area of the park have returned. As well as a ton of small snow-covered trees. 20151114_144427 (Large) 20151114_144501 (Large) 20151114_144518 (Large) 20151114_144533 (Large) 20151114_144559 (Large) At the fountain/ Valencia Falls light structures are being placed. The giant fountain Christmas tree will return, it looks as if the moving lights won’t be located in the water this year, but rather off to the side. The LED lights that change the overall colors of the fountain during the event are still located in the water. 20151114_151523 (Large) On the other side a similar structure can be found on top of the Cyber Cafe terrace awning. 20151114_142537 (Large) Moving to Full Throttle plaza, the bigger Holiday in the Park wreath has been placed under Full Throttle’s entrance. Keep in mind that the Jumbo Tron Screen inside the line of Full Throttle will display special Holiday in the Park scenes during the event. 20151114_151433 (Large) The modern and artsy trees have returned to the center of the plaza. 20151114_151419 (Large) And the stage is still being prepared for ‘Snowy Nights’, which is the Holiday in the Park version of Full Throttle Nights! 20151114_151445 (Large) 20151114_151501 (Large) Spot the Key Clubs! 😛 20151114_151449 (Large) Over at DC Universe, or soon to be named ‘Rockin’ Universe’ for Holiday in the Park, the Tree of Heroes has returned the tree will likely again feature names of local firefighters and police men. In addition, the lights on the tree will correspond with the light shows in Rockin’ Universe. 20151114_150456 (Large) More of the Shadows of Evil branding has been taken out, like the walls at the entrance of Apocalypse. Sadly the ride was temporarily closed, so I couldn’t see what other changes were made. 20151114_144035 (Large) Road Runner Express still has its train positioned in between the station and lift, and remains closed. Unsure if the trains will be taken off or not. 20151114_151135 (Large) To escape the crazy Key Club crowds over at the Golden Bear Theater, I passed through Bugs Bunny World, noting that a bunch of colorful new flowers have been planted there. 20151114_151242 (Large) Last week I discussed how all planters in the Movie District were empty, well new plants have been planted in all of the 6 planters around the plaza. 20151114_150138 (Large) The park continues to heavily advertise the Dining Pass. Banners like these are found all around the park at most dining locations. 20151114_145947 (Large) To show you how busy it was. Our dear two-train Riddler had a line out of its entrance… 20151114_150118 (Large) The cutting of trees continues it seems, on the hill below Tatsu more trees have been cut. This may be an indication of a repaint, especially with the New Revolution receiving a repaint in the same ‘inaccessible’ vegetation below. 20151114_144257 (Large) 20151114_144235 (Large) 20151114_144221 (Large) Though the hill below Full Throttle’s Dive Loop seems rather bare to now, trees and vegetation seems to have been cut there as well. May20151114_143655 (Large) Talking about removed trees… more trees surrounding the New Revolution have been taken out as well, which becomes very apparent after the ride’s loop.20151114_142525 (Large)20151114_142609 (Large)Other than that the demolition of the station bridge continues. 20151114_144655 (Large) There’s a new wooden structure surrounding the brakes and transfer tracks of the New Revolution. 20151114_144935 (Large) Many readers agree with us, it’d be great to see the original rock-work and waterfalls return to the finale of the ride. 20151114_144955 (Large) Note that trees all around the ride have been taken out, to create easier access most likely. 20151114_144958 (Large) The backwards positioned train in the station is now uncovered again, and it seems as if the front two rows of the back car have different headrests. In addition, there are water-dummies in all other cars. Looks like they may have been running it backwards tiny bits again. 20151114_144648 (Large) Last but not least, the old exit path is now cleared from all the chopped up trees that were there last weekend. 20151114_144621 (Large) Let’s finish this update with a random shot of the park I took as I escaped the Key Club crowds and ventured into Bugs Bunny World. 😀20151114_151151 (Large)

Thank you for checking out this new Six Flags Magic Mountain and THE NEW REVOLUTION Update! We’ll have The Joker and Six Flags Discovery Kingdom update later today/this weekend! Check out this week’s brand new HUGE Universal Studios Hollywood Update! Comment your New Revolution, and other things we discussed, thoughts below!

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  1. They have the new seat molds installed in the front of the old Revolution train. They’ve been running it with employees as a test. Not sure why it’s backwards, unless they plan to start running this backwards each year.

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