The 5 Best Hidden-Gem Moments on Coasters in California

DSC_0417 (Large)This state of endless roller-coasters, and almost every type of coaster, park, and audience, has a lot of highlight attractions. We’ve all gone crazy over several roller-coaster additions over the years, but there are some hidden-gem moments on coasters around the state, that we believe makes them a great deal better than they would’ve been without. This time we’re taking a look at the 5 Best Hidden-Gem Moments on Coasters in California!

5. Medusa’s Final Helix

Medusa is a great ride with an even greater line-up of elements, and thus, the final 270 degree helix prior to the brake run is so often unfairly forgotten. After a fast paced journey seems as though it is finally beginning to run out of gas, riders are slammed into their seats with punishing positive g’s through a swift and powerful tight-helix before sliding into an s-curve and into the brake run, giving a great yet often forgotten finale, we’d even go as far to say it’s the best helix in Northern California.image7 (Large)

4. Silver Bullet’s Swing Between the Corkscrews

Silver Bullet, if you ask us, is definitely the best Inverted Coaster in the state when it comes to the layout of elements. As the biggest in the state, it automatically includes more opportunities for great elements, but many agree, Silver Bullet’s line-up of elements is near perfect. With a floater-loop, an elevated over-banked turn, a Cobra Roll, Corkscrews and a helix of the water… what else can one ask for… nothing. But there is one very unique little moment on Silver Bullet that had everyone agree with us in the past: The little swing in between the Corkscrews. The first corkscrew rolls to the left, the next one rolls to the right, so in order for the second corkscrew to roll the opposite direction, a quick change of direction needs to occur first, and this layout features a quick, floating, smoothly-banked swing to change directions. And it’s freaking incredible.20140525_155459 (Large)

3. Riddler’s Revenge’s Airtime Hill

Riddler’s Revenge is often regarded to be the World’s best Stand-Up Coaster, and for good reasons. With a great array of inversions, it provides an awesome and surprisingly forceful experience for a ride if its type. However, one of the best moments is a result of lack of force, that being the floating bunny hop that was snuck in three-quarters into the layout. Having your legs work so hard against the positive G’s while in a standing position only to suddenly be lifted of the floor for a few floating seconds is amazing. It completes the rest of the ride so well and gives such unique standing airtime that it would be a crime for it too miss this list.20131103_151134 (Large)

2. Matterhorn’s Dive-Drop (Left Track)

The Matterhorn Bobsleds. Regardless of whether the Matterhorn is a bone-jarring ride is worth numerous rides in a day, let alone one, the best hidden/surprise element of the original Arrow creation is a little drop on the left track. The bobsled dashes in and out of the mountainous terrain evading the Yeti most notably (on the Left Side) rushing out of a darkened tunnel/cave to slide outside and past a waterfall. As the riders are misted by the waterfall, the bobsled suddenly turns the corner to confront a short drop. Approaching at top speed riders are thrust to the bottom of the drop as a part of some wild whiplash effect while riders in the back rows are nearly ejected to a head-chopper effect due to the track above. It is certainly action-packed with air-time and a little head-chopper, yet it is overshadowed by the new Yeti as well as the bumps and bruises already sustained throughout the ride. Nonetheless, this is the best part of the ride!20140603_142854 (Large)

1. Twisted Colossus’ Second Blue Drop (Under the Green Double-Down)

Though we, and some others, called it ahead of a time, the blue drop following the High-Five is incredible, but not the talk of the ride. Most people focus on the 2 large first-drops and the Top Gun Stall, but the second blue drop is arguably the best moment on the first half of the ride. After smoothly rolling through the High-Five, the train makes a sharp quick turn into a small hill followed by quick large drop through the ride’s structure. The top of the hill, as well as the remainder of the drop, is filled with ejector-airtime, and is sure to surprise almost every single rider. If the forces weren’t enough of a surprise, the train dives into the structure below the green side’s Double Down for some amazing head-chopper moments. In a ride so highly anticipated, and loved by every single audience, there are already some amazing elements that won the hearts of riders (like the Top Gun Stall), but that quick hidden-gem blue drop won our hearts and took the #1 spot on the list of Best Hidden-Gem Moments on Coasters in California!20150429_122902E001 (Large)

Thanks for checking out this list of 5! COMMENT what your favorite hidden-gem moment is, or what you thought of the list!

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9 Replies to “The 5 Best Hidden-Gem Moments on Coasters in California”

  1. The only one of these moments I have not experienced is the helix on Medusa, being that I haven’t been back to the park since that ride opened. (It’s on my list.)

    As for the one on Riddler’s Revenge, a lot of people either don’t know or have forgotten that they designed that part of the ride to go over the old Intamin Freefall ride that was there at the time. But that is indeed one thing I look forward to when I ride Riddler’s Revenge.

    I guess I’m not the only one who noticed that quirky swing on Silver Bullet at Knott’s. That’s one of my favorite parts of that ride.

  2. That’s very cool. Agreed with the TC drop under the double-down in first place. I love Medusa’s helix, so would’ve personally liked to see it higher up the list. Either way, nice list! 🙂

  3. Great list, but if you could include full rides, I am a huge fan of ninja and would definitely say it is a hidden gem. Many write it off as a more mild coaster they can skip, but I find this one of the most enjoyable rides at magic mountain, and if it has no line, I can guarantee I’ll be reriding it!

  4. Great list. I agree X2 has some moments that could have been included but overall I pretty much completely agree, keep em coming!

  5. Silver Bullet and Matterhorn are dead on. I’d swear Silver Bullet wasn’t designed by B&M. It’s got a very Schilke or Intamin feel to the pacing and transitions, just not as intense.

  6. About the 2016 gold pass, when it says extra select bring a friend free days, does that mean that you can choose what days that you bring a friend free or does it mean that there are more bring a friend free days?

      1. You can also get the app and link your pass. They state they are adding ride times, but I have not seen that yet, but you can see your gold benefits, with dates.

  7. I love all of the elements you mentioned, even if that little blue drop on TC is where I keep losing my stuff out of my pockets, and from around my neck. I was annoyed enough that I refused to ride TC again for about 3 hours! I might substitute the bunny hops on Giant Dipper for Matterhorn though.

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