Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – September 12th 2015

20150912_145043 (Large)Today’s was an interesting day at Six Flags Magic Mountain, it felt like Florida with the humidity, and West Coast Bash was going on! In addition Fright Fest preparations are in full swing, in fact there’s Fright Fest theming popping up everywhere! And what would a Six Flags Magic Mountain be without some New Revolution stuff? 

Let’s start with the fact that the maintenance road surrounding Twisted Colossus has been repaved, looks super neat. 20150912_143252 (Large) A quick note, this is the second time this week that Tatsu is operating both stations… and it’s also the second day they’re open this week! 😀20150912_173545 (Large) We are finally seeing Fright Fest theming around the park. It may just be me, but they’re kind of late with it all this year. Here’s the Zombie X-ing scare zone. 20150912_175019 (Large) The pumpkin crafting area is likely returning this year, hence the ‘fall’-like theming at Pistachio Park. 20150912_174945 (Large) BUNCH of spider webs all over Pirate’s Cove, or whatever the official name of the area is at this point. 😉20150912_174914 (Large) Over in the Screampunk District, besides lighting, there hasn’t been done much for the conversion to Territory Twisted for Fright Fest. These huge lights were recently mounted to the Twisted Wiches shop, in front of it is a huge bare space. I’ve got a feeling we’ll see something Fright Fest related there. 20150912_174609 (Large) Over in DC Universe, all the lights for the spectacular light-show-esque Scare Zone have been added! The new Sinister Circuit Scare Zone will utilize these lights to create a unique light filled, party, laser, fog-filled, crazy-ass experience. I’m excited to see how it works out! 20150912_174447 (Large) 20150912_174428 (Large) 20150912_174412 (Large) Over to the Wastelands Scare Zone in the Movie District, we find a lot of the theming already placed. 20150912_174101 (Large) 20150912_174056 (Large) 20150912_174045 (Large) Inside the Aftermath Maze the reconstruction has recently continued, and the good ol’ entrance to the maze seems almost ready… I’m still missing the ‘Aftermath’ sign! 20150912_174034 (Large) On top of Samurai Summit, or should I say Exile Hill, we find that the Willoughby’s Resurrected Maze entrance has been reconstructed. 😀20150912_173600 (Large)

Moving on the Revolution! The Revolution hill has now been blocked off with what seems to be some temporary fencing. I’m confident an actual construction wall will go up soon. 20150912_145032 (Large) Nothing real interesting has happened yet, one of the trains is still on the tracks half into the station building. 20150912_145043 (Large) The former Flash Pass entrance/ exit of Revolution HAS received an actual wall, I’m expecting a wall like this at the hill near the entrance too. 20150912_145311 (Large) And let the rumors, or whatever, begin! MARKERS! 😀 20150912_151726 (Large)

Thank you for checking out this quick Six Flags Magic Mountain Update! We’ve got a bunch more updates this weekend! In addition, we advice you check out our SPECIAL: The Joker Ain’t A Joke article, which was published earlier today! It features a giveaway and literally EVERYTHING there’s to know and hear about the new RMC Hybrid coming to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom! CLICK HERE to be redirected to that post! Joker edit002 (Large)

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12 Replies to “Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – September 12th 2015”

  1. I don’t know if you actually care but those “huge lights” on twisted wiches are just normal theatre spot lights(ETC source4) they just have huge lenses on them to narrow the beam down to 5 degrees, they are pointing at the ground which makes me think they would be used for gobos(they make patterns in the lights) but with the narrow beams on them they would be really small. So I’m guessing they were just hung and will be focused later on the theatre with I’m guessing kwerk branding.

  2. Was Tatsu running 3 trains with both stations (HA), or 2 trains? The last few times I’ve been on Tatsu they had 2 trains (both sides).

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