Disneyland Update – September 12th 2015 – Halloween Time!

Q9Fl2lM7Zd0-y2Qe9RFo6Exba_58pS3CRC5Oa7QyKwjn0hT9QrPAivE5n0iO80Camm9Gnw=s2048Not only did we hit Six Flags but we went to Disney as well. Since our last visit two weeks a LOT of the park has been decorated. It’s practically “Halloween Time”!! (Technically it’s two weeks away but the premier attractions, Haunted Mansion Holiday and Space Mountain: Ghost Galaxy, are already up and running.) The weather was cloudy and muggy, but nonetheless better than the extreme heat we’ve faced over the last week. *WARNING There will be a spam of Haunted Mansion Photos 🙂

2nZuNclBiLVzCTA9Jl7uGIxZ3TYbvDRWgIJZ20nEuDT3mU8XjKeZmbneDOV2ciHtm9wUkA=s2048We headed to the park early so the lines for Ghost Galaxy and Haunted Mansion Holiday would be shorter. Upon entrance to the park we marveled at all the decor!’ijfBi3vc3LnV_oHeXrGd1VBVnRunAtr7sJdsvjxF0_hOdUx9EZi4XMrbR4LU4B3XqQ3yQg=s2048 OQJWjiWMQ-d1TclPaHNPT8s1NYTTScLUPIbzVCYlgQ7T1zUdZ03HCgyQ5bbmJrt67PtPGQ=s2048

After admiring another successful year of Disneyland’s seasonal transformation, we hurried toward Ghost Galaxy which was only a ten minute wait right after the park’s opening. The final decision was to wait in both the stand-by line and get a fastpass to ride twice! Later on in the day the line grew to over an hour. The yearly re-theme of Space Mountain was once again remarkable and provides an eerie feeling unlike any other.Q9Fl2lM7Zd0-y2Qe9RFo6Exba_58pS3CRC5Oa7QyKwjn0hT9QrPAivE5n0iO80Camm9Gnw=s2048

After Ghost Galaxy we rushed to Haunted Mansion Holiday; however, it closed right as we were about to get in line. It was closed for about an hour so… we went to Splash Mountain. The line was so short we actually got to in the stand-by line for the first time in the “summer”. Going through the mountain a few pumpkins were spotted (we’ve seen them in previous visits but now they’re relevant) bringing Splash Mountain in on the Halloween decor.E6lMONmEWDkNta7PuVB8Z0kH8NL58FFufGgT8ZpnwR1_U-jaZW6MK9oJ77TfjynWgFlgKg=s2048

Once we enjoyed getting soaked on Splash, the “Wildest Ride in the Wilderness” called our name. Sadly, the seats that had our name were in the second row so the ride wasn’t as exciting as usual. The smooth terrain and super short (ten minutes) wait let the overall experience trump the actual ride experience. 🙂czosh9MRTV_27Gadx_06pkGyJFmZjsfaNHeAsSEOp1wXtkLtg64DWXGQTUfhwX0-bJwrkQ=s2048

We passed Haunted Mansion again which had opened only to have a 40 minute wait (and growing) so we got a fastpass. We had to wait an hour and a half for our fastpass time which meant there was time to kill. While strolling to the other side of the park the urge to ride the Matterhorn correlated with a small rainfall. Out of nowhere there were some raindrops which made the ride experience all the more entertaining. As we dashed in and out of the mountain in our bobsled the rain hit our face making a fascinating transition from being yelled at by a Yeti and getting smacked in the face by rain. Here at CCK we advise riding Matterhorn at night during the Parade or Fireworks, but a close second is when it is raining (especially since the drought makes it a rare occurrence).5YtTLTDZLOFrag_cMVRGG2Y4tUsOR27ylq6XFVX36K6aPqlzoamYlJoQQPBWk6lGFY-kew=s2048

On the way back to HM we ran into Indiana Jones which just opened from an early closure due to technical difficulties. The line was only about 20 minutes and eventually crawled back to the usual wait times of 40-45 minutes, but we caught it at a good time. Don’t worry we didn’t look into the eyes ;).ahB4RLiExW7IvzrlGpUNnQQrkbDW31UkjIA8tyM1lc6yk7rNcw08C2kXngA3ibdoFsco6Q=s2048

AND FINALLY WE GOT ON HAUNTED MANSION HOLIDAY!! 😀 PREPARE FOR SPAM! The decorations were in force as they brought premature holiday spirit! The gingerbread house once again outdid itself!fdI_ciEgaAY-UBGDg8XU0Vl54IfuR6Q4wJLpb-2LT5uodFAKbrahcz5VGMfbWp9VbDD_Bw=s2048 IOWoOLa6aF0V-pyvt6NVYcRKNhBBH437gXCcVX1-HgIWE3fxlQ-kU_-m3AcgVDchC8oQig=s2048 They are using new ways of image mapping, which looks incredible!  A great ‘upgrade’!mN92OqJwAmnq3BjkQOEfR_k3i6s8NGlswaW1f_XdajE4wpC4CIDAKZ6kyg28kcNk3JohsA=s2048 MW7g04T5TuBBrlwShwswbL-Y0Spr4XRUPkXcOr-BSq0dB5GC7KZlMmXbjmPGUqWRfhrDDg=s2048 FYNjXXbGjTXGIV-8AO6hGtuApU6WnP2SwOXdf7apu-aDmF0HnquzDvMxI7-ZFxw0CUWcIg=s2048 0iNIxHp3nv9GxJ-ZXCywMTJl9GcqluUTFc-O7Owbn4lxNRi-4Xe2Cctcx9gWSCc5A2crvA=s2048 iMl1tns679SWVDCPnE87FRMjxFwgNRD4a1jslK9iUpN5TqGyAUTOedyRkuKYxkGo2gpSTw=s2048


That is the end of this update… go check out Ghost Galaxy and Haunted Mansion Holiday! Remember in two weeks “official” Halloween coverage begins at Disneyland! Though Halloween Horror Nights is THIS FRIDAY! 😀 

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