Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – November 5th 2016

20161105_171230-mediumAfter a few busy weeks it was time for a big Six Flags Magic Mountain Update again! Now Fright Fest has ended and Holiday in the Park is just two weeks away, there’s quite a bit to talk about and look at in this update!

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Upon arrival I noticed that Twisted Colossus was consistently racing again, upon return to the car as well. Kudos to the crews for managing to dispatch the trains in a timely manner! 20161105_155107-medium

Once inside the park it quickly became clear that the huge transformation from Fright Fest to Holiday in the Park was in full swing. Almost everything and anything Fright Fest related has already been removed. The entry plaza’s trees have all been decked in lights already. 20161105_155913-medium

The Maze Pass Sales Center in the back is one of the very few Fright Fest hints still around. 20161105_155942-medium

The Grand American Carousel and surrounding area will be transformed into Santa’s Star Spangled Plaza. “The new themed area will feature thousands of red, white and blue lights as well as 10-foot tall toy soldiers on stilts, and a beautifully lit Christmas tree. Santa’s wild sleigh along with other elements from the VR movie will be displayed throughout the area for fun photo reminders of your wild sleigh ride and virtual reality journey.”20161105_160017-medium

“VR Movie?” You may think? – It was just released a few days back that The New Revolution will receive a special Holiday in the Park VR named: “Santa’s Wild Sleigh Ride”. This VR experience was created in partnership with Hallmark Channel. “The realistic theme puts riders in the middle of the action similar to a video game experience as they ride on a sleigh with Santa and his reindeer to help battle a mischievous Elf trying to foil Santa’s mission to deliver toys on Christmas Eve. From the moment riders board and don Samsung Gear VR powered by Oculus, they engage in interactive gaming throughout the entire ride by launching snowballs at flying targets.” The whole experience will be a much-appreciated upgrade of the current VR Experience on the ride!20161105_160110-medium

Next up it was time for my weekly ride on Viper. (Yes, we may not have an update each week, but I always make sure to get my Viper ride in each week). Rumor still has it that this Arrow looper may be removed sometime in 2017, in case you’re new to our site. 20161105_160231-medium

Across from Viper, behind Chop Six the lights for the Winter Wonderland section of Holiday in the Park have been installed. All traces of the Chupacabra maze behind it have vanished. The park must’ve been working tremendously hard over the past 6 days to get this far, this quick. 20161105_161238-medium

The Winter Wonderland area spans from Viper all the way to Roaring Rapids and Tatsu, which is considerably large if you’re familiar with the park’s layout. 20161105_161328-medium

The section of Winter Wonderland near Tatsu and Katy’s Kettle is Santa’s Workshop, which features 8 handmade reindeer that light up. Most of the theming for this section of the area has yet to be placed. Most of the tree-lights have already been installed on the other hand. 20161105_161432-medium

Oh hey, it’s Tatsu! 20161105_161454-medium

Tatsu’s entrance is decked in lights as well this year. The flying beast will have an icy look this year. (Matches its faded color scheme perhaps). 20161105_161512-medium

I’ve been on a crazy Ninja hype the past few years, usually riding it every visit (if lines allow me to). Unlike Viper, there are luckily no rumors of this personal favorite leaving anytime soon. If you listened to a recent Park Fanatics podcast I was a guest at, we mentioned both Viper and Ninja as two of the ten most underrated coasters in California. 20161105_161647-medium

Below Ninja I’ve noticed the park has done some refurbishing on the wooden fencing/railings on the way to Cyclone Bay. Some of it seems brand new, some is definitely older. 20161105_161733-medium

Speaking of Cyclone Bay, almost all of the Fright Fest gear is gone. The only Fright Fest related thing left is the entrance to Aftermath 2, but that looks like it may just be permanent, with the gates remaining closed ’til next season.20161105_161828-medium

Six Flags Magic Mountain needs to either take out this giant umbrella, or fix it. But placing a bunch of smaller ones underneath looks terrible. Perhaps it fits the Apocalypse theme?20161105_161844-medium

Let’s move on to the park’s 2017 addition, a giant new inter-active dark ride… Justice League: Battle for Metropolis! We mentioned the land leveling, clearing, and marking a few weeks back. Nothing else has really changed… there seems to be some squares of difference in elevation, which may be an indication that we’ll soon see vertical construction… or not. 20161105_162118-medium

Here’s a bit of a better look perhaps (as seen from the Riddler’s Revenge line/entrance) of the leveling of land. 20161105_162332-medium

Riddler’s Revenge will be featured in the California Top 10 of 2016, which you can read here. 20161105_162545-medium

The area that Riddler’s Revenge is located in will become “Metropolis”, and now Tidal Wave has closed again for the season. (After a very short 2016 run). I can’t help but hope that the ride gets a major refurbishment and becomes Aquaman: The Ride to open along with the new Metropolis area next year. 20161105_162607-medium

In seasonal-event heavy updates I try incorporate some more coaster shots, so here’s another shot of the World’s tallest, fastest, and longest Stand-Up Coaster. 😀20161105_162513-medium

Moving on to the other DC themed area, DC Universe, there’s almost NOTHING related to the detailed Suicide Squad scare zone left. Besides this photo op in front of Green Lantern: First Flight. 20161105_164826-medium

Which had a line… As many of you know; I would never spend a second waiting to ride this ride. 20161105_164831-medium

The large crashed helicopter from the Suicide Squad scare zone has also been taken out, I presume that the Batmobile will soon be placed back here again. Notice in the background that the ceiling light structure for the large Holiday in the Park ‘Rockin’ Universe’ light show is currently being installed.20161105_164717-medium

Moving on to the newest and perhaps largest Holiday in the Park area of the park… the Gleampunk District! 20161105_165009-medium

Which has this awesome photo-op Steampunk Santa sleigh with light-up reindeer that guests can pass under to reach Twisted Colossus and Scream!.20161105_165024-medium

The area features amazingly-odd, yet AWESOME, steampunk Holiday theming: 20161105_165048-medium

The area seems to be using lots of ground lights, which will really illuminate the area during Holiday in the Park. 20161105_165101-medium 20161105_165104-medium

The Fright Fest entrance to the area has yet to be dismantled though… 20161105_165241-medium

BUT LOOK AT THIS! – Friendly reminder that the Gleampunk District will feature an indoor acrobatics show this Holiday in the Park, an altered version of the popular summer show “Kwerk”, appropriately named “Kwerkmas”. 20161105_165236-medium

Exiting the Scream/Gleampunk District, you’ll see the park’s giant Tree of Heroes that will correspond with the light show inside Rockin’ Universe.20161105_165313-medium

The line for Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom was too long to go inside and snap a picture, but the giant lexbot inside the line has been taken out. Too many guests were playing with it, and on several occasions it got badly damaged. It’s the precise reason we can’t have nice things…20161105_165349-medium

The Holiday in the Park version of the photo-op in front of Wascal’s is here for the 2016 HitP run!20161105_165557-medium

The Snowy Nights stage is undergoing prep for the start of the Holiday in the Park version of the show starting in two weeks. Pretty much all Voodoo Nights (Fright Fest) decorations have disappeared. 20161105_165853-medium

Here are several stage decorations waiting to be placed on stage. 20161105_170128-medium

Here’s some Full Throttle for you all, that hang-time is still one of my favorite feelings of all time. 20161105_170045-medium

Moving up to Samurai Summit, there’s hardly any signs that Fright Fest ever took place up here. Besides some poles for temporarily lines and a lost “Express Maze Entrance” sign, it’s all back to normal. 20161105_171206-medium

I personally feel that Samurai Summit really would lend itself amazingly well for a Holiday in the Park area. It’s secluded, filled with vegetation, and perhaps the park could create a cool Japanese themed area. Let’s hope they do something with that in the future. 20161105_171217-medium

Willoughby’s Resurrected’s entrance has been covered up again, and the facade has been taken away. Like it was never here. 20161105_171255-medium

But look what’s towering over it… The Sky Tower that has sadly been closed for the past three years. I really hope that some day they make the investment in new and approved elevators so guests can visit the iconic observation attraction again. 20161105_171230-medium

But for now Tatsu gives nice views too. 20161105_170357-medium

That wraps up this Six Flags Magic Mountain update. Lots of changes all around the park in preparation for a HUGE season of Holiday in the Park. All the details of this season’s new attractions, shows, areas, etc., can be found here. 20161105_173834-medium

Let’s finish off with an iconic Six Flags Magic Mountain parking lot shot! 20161105_174432-medium

dsc_0674Thanks for checking out this Six Flags Magic Mountain Update, several new updates, series and articles are on their way and will be published within the next few days! Please make sure to check out our new Patriot Update as well as all the details for Holiday in the Park 2016! 

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  1. That LexBot disappearance might be because of me. Now I wasn’t leaning or even thinking of doing anything, but a couple of dipsh*ts were , sitting on the base, punching it, and even leaning on it so much I could see it swaying like it would fall over… I was cringing so hard you would not believe… Anyway, when I got to the front to be sent to the actual ride, I quickly told the employee that they should send security out and/or keep an eye on the LexBot cause it was leaning… So maybe they finally gave up saying: “we’ve been getting guests telling us that it looks horrible that it’s missing an arm, it’s got stupid stickers on it and people have been leaning on it. So we need to take it out ASAP”…
    maybe… Maybe Sally can take a look at it and see what they can do…

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