Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – November 4th 2017

Alexander/Sean: We made a quick visit to the park today to check out the construction that is starting to take place at the future home of Six Flags Magic Mountain’s new 2018 attraction, CraZanity. The new Boardwalk area construction has started earlier than we anticipated, but of course that’s not something to be mad about! In this update we’ll also be taking a look at

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Fright Fest may have only just concluded, but Holiday in the Park decor has already popped up throughout Magic Mountain. 

The Christmas Tree in front of DC Universe is already standing tall. This year will mark the 4th year of Holiday in the Park and the Rockin’ Universe light show that the tree is a part of!

Let’s head over to the area of construction! Just past Johnny Rockets is the new hardhat zone that stretches all the way to Sandblasters.

Guests are funneled between the Colossus County Fair games of skill now that construction has engulfed the main midway.  The game pavilions will soon receive cosmetic upgrades as they become an integral  part of the new Boardwalk area.  

The heart of this hardhat area is the rotting Contempo Pavilion Metro Station, the 3rd and final Metro station to meet the wrecking ball. Some dirt-pushing has already commenced between the Metro station and the old Drunken Barrels platform. 

Walls encompass most of the construction zone, but right now things are plainly visible thanks to a series of makeshift gated entrances to the area. 

After seeing very few changes since 1971, this chunk of midway is about to transform into something totally different. Though the Boardwalk theme may be very common, but we’re very excited for it to come to Six Flags Magic Mountain! 

The far end of the construction zone meets with Tidal Wave‘s new-for-2017 entrance. The ride’s entrance move from near Riddler’s Revenge will make it part of the Boardwalk’s attraction roster when it re-opens in 2018; its 2017 operations have already concluded. 

Thank you for checking out this quick Six Flags Magic Mountain Update! We’ll be back soon for many more updates as well as Holiday in the Park! Keep an eye on California Coaster Kings for weekly CraZanity and Boardwalk construction updates! For now check out our brand new Six Flags St. Louis trip report! 

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