Knott’s Berry Farm and HangTime Update – November 7th 2017

Sean: Today we’re at Knott’s Berry Farm! Between the chaos of cleaning up Scary Farm and getting ready for Merry Farm, the ride closures are still plenty as the park prepares for possible winter weather and more crowds this Holiday season. Besides that, HangTime construction is moving along great and track and supports have already been installed!

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Upon arrival we were reminded that Xcelerator is still closed, and that Sol Spin is still undergoing testing after getting a new ride cycle. GhostRider is closed thru the 9th of November, after which it’s closed from the 13th of November ’til the 17th of November to prepare for Merry Farm, which starts the 18th of November! 

In the transition from Scary Farm to Merry Farm the Calico Park is receiving the giant tree. 

OMG! Is that HangTime?! (Yes it is, we will look into that a bit more soon!)

It was a beautiful day at the Farm, and with no one there you could’ve guessed the park ran their coasters with one train.

The great thing about weekdays in the off season is the ability to ride all of the open rides in a few hours with no lines. Excited for Six Flags Magic Mountain to be open daily next year as well!

Still one of our favorite spinning coasters: Sierra Sidewinder. 

Silver Bullet was running just the new train today and we can’t believe how smooth it is! In addition, notice the Merry Farm decorations being placed around the ride and Ghost Town. 

Knott’s Berry Farm does a great job decorating lightly throughout the park for Merry Farm, making it feel classic and not overdone. 

Sol Spin remains closed. There’s something with this spot in the park and Mondial rides that aren’t operating… I really like the ride but have been unable to ride it the past few weeks. 

Luckily Montezooma’s Revenge was there for us <3

Silver Bullet is always looking stunning!

Xcelerator remains closed for an unknown period of time along with the Sky Cabin, luckily we’ll soon have HangTime to enjoy in the area, as no one knows what will happen to Xcelerator…

Another friendly reminder that GhostRider is open this weekend, November 10th-12th, and then will be closed again November 13th-17th!

Time for… HANGTIME!

This new Gerstlauer Infinity Coaster is coming along incredibly fast. 

The ride will stand a whopping 150 feet tall, which is very impressive standing right next to the small midway.

The lift-hill/drop structure is currently being constructed, and has yet to reach full length. 

The lift-hill structure/supports have a slightly different color than the renderings portrayed. Nonetheless, it’s impressive how tall the structure is already!

Station, pre-lift, and several mid-ride supports have already been placed. Notice the actual track in the shot, which is where the trains will enter the lift-hill!

Any day soon we should see the full lift-hill track pieces go up! 

As of right now, it looks awesome! 

Here’s some more support love for you!

Once that is actually completed, it’ll tower over the park as the second tallest coaster (for now).

The supports for the bottom of the first drop have already been placed.

Besides that, lots of footers have already been placed, including those for the first inversion, as well as the Cobra Roll which was sunk 5 feet below the midway.

One last look at the massive new coaster that will soon be at the Boardwalk! Stay tuned for more updates!

Thank you for checking out this new HangTime/Knott’s Berry Farm Update! We’ll be back in the near future with plenty more HangTime! For now check out our new Six Flags Magic Mountain Update and our Six Flags St. Louis Trip Report!

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