Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – January 16th 2017!

It was time to visit Six Flags Magic Mountain with some daylight after many quick evening trips the past few weeks! Follow along as we take a look at every corner of the park and all the Metropolis construction. There’s a lot to update on!

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Six Flags Plaza!

Let’s start off our update at the front of the park! Where most of the rooftops are still covered in snow and the trees covered in lights. Holiday in the Park ended two weeks ago, and the past week was the first week the park was closed on weekdays. 

Soon we’ll see this all cleared up again with a Spring look!

The Valencia Falls is currently drained, presumably to take away all the Holiday in the Park lights placed throughout. 

The park is also adding new flower beds soon. 

The roof of the Plaza Cafe is also covered in faux snow still, but what’s more important towers above…

It’s The New Revolution WITHOUT VR! Which is a welcomed sight, as lines move quicker. Only downside: they just took off the white train for refurbishing, keeping lines steady with one-train operations. 

Still as beautiful as always. I absolutely love this ride! 


And as you know, I also LOVE Viper. Rumor still has it that this may be the last season of operations for the giant looping coaster. And with the recent removal of the on-ride cameras, I wonder if that’s a sign… let’s hope not! 

Look at that, a Viper train and an X2 train in one shot, and I didn’t even try. 😛 

Speaking of X2, that is running two trains again, the park has put in the effort to get both flame throwers working again! YAY!

Though the line became quite long early afternoon, at least the beast is back to two train operations with audio and flame throwers that work. Just the way I like it. 

And of course my classic-loving self hopped on Ninja on my quick trip there. 

And since it has been raining insanely much over the past few weeks, the brown hills behind the park have turned a wonderful green. Something we haven’t seen as a backdrop for Ninja and Apocalypse in a while!

Staying on top of Samurai Summit, Superman: Escape From Krypton has reopened after being closed for a refurbishment for a few weeks!

For those of you who don’t visit often, try get on Superman early in the day as it’s usually a walk-on for the first hour or so. I personally don’t find the short ride time worth a long wait. 🙂

This past week also marked the reopening of Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom that’s been closed for a while. Good to see both 400(+) ft rides running again!

Here’s one of my favorite angles for a Full Throttle shot. It truly was a very nice day out to visit the Mountain!

Speaking of Mountains… I spy beautiful green hills and a repaint in the distance!


Let’s move into all the Metropolis Jazz, shall we?!

If you look closely, you’ll note the walls for Battle of Metropolis going up, as well as the Riddler’s Revenge in the back, which is receiving a repaint. 

The whole area is going to receive lots of love, far beyond what I initially anticipated they would touch. Sadly that does mean lots of tree removals again. 

The Water Front restaurants are closed and will be transformed into a new set of restaurants, including a beer garden. 😀

JB’s BBQ is also closing and being turned into a different restaurant for when the Metropolis area reopens. Also note that some of the palm trees in the center of the area have been taken out. 

More tree removal takes place in front of Scrambler and Sand Blasters. I’m hoping both these rides get a nice refurbishment as well this season. 

Let’s take a quick look at the walls for Justice League: Battle for Metropolis going up!

This is a picture Six Flags Magic Mountain posted on their Twitter while I was visiting the park. The picture was taken by the park on the construction site. 

Riddler’s Revenge is being repainted. Some wild rumors spread stating that it would be turned into The Joker. I am glad to inform you that this unique super-villain Six Flags attraction remains unique as I have official word from the park that the ride will not become The Joker. #Riddlerforlife

The park placed signs for each closed restaurant, guiding guests to other food locations that are open around the park and that sell similar food items. 

Even in front of open restaurants they placed signs. Well played, I’m glad the park is on their game regarding the restaurant closures. 

Also inside DC Universe, Green Lantern has reopened and Batman: The Ride is currently down to one train for annual maintenance. 

The Holiday in the Park light installment is still present in the area. I expect that to be taken down in the next week or two.

Screampunk District!

The Screampunk District is also entirely decked in Holiday decorations at this point. Making it quite festive to walk around. 

What also made me excited was the fact that Twisted Colossus was running three trains again and Scream! is back to two!

Scream!’s new color scheme looks particularly good this time of year! 😀

A pretty typical Six Flags Magic Mountain thing is relocating tables, benches, etc. Just usually, as in the case over at Full Throttle plaza, they don’t repaint the things they move, making them look old and out-of-place. (Think pink chairs next to Superman’s entrance). 

Some of the Water Front’s tables have been moved to Jet Stream’s entrance. Which actually created a neat-looking small area. I hope they keep it this way!

Apocalypse is also closed for refurbishment, just like Riddler. And…

Tatsu’s Refurbishment!

You’ve guessed it… TATSU! Both of the trains that have been running the past few months are on the storage tracks receiving a refurbishment.

Though some rumors were making the rounds that Tatsu would be repainted this season, and that would be the reason for it being closed. That’s not the case, I was told by the park that this year’s closure is strictly for refurbishing purposes. Though I do agree Tatsu really needs a repaint. 😉 Maybe next year?

I also wanted to end the update with a quick shout out to the Twisted Colossus crew for constantly pushing out trains to race. I have not seen it not-race all day. Kudos!

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10 Replies to “Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – January 16th 2017!”

  1. Viper has not removed the cameras. The whole park no longer has photos, since Kodak no longer does the photos. They are looking for a new company.

  2. Even with only one train, Revolution’s line will move quickly without the VR. Personally, I vote for leaving it off for good. (And eventually getting a third train to fill in if one is out for refurb. Make Train #3 a blue one.)

  3. If the rumors are true and they do remove Viper for a new coaster for next year… do you think they will move the coaster to another six flags park or just sell the pieces?

    1. All the arrow loopers that were removed have been scrapped and I’d imagine they’d do the same. I don’t think any other park or chain would want the burden of trying to source parts…

  4. So is Riddler’s getting repained in it’s original green and black color scheme or is going to be re-colored in green and purple as rumored? The Riddler character himself also features green and purple.

  5. I Always Hoped They Would Paint Tatsu Green, Red & Yellow That Color Scheme Would Look Amazing ! “If You Guys Can Mention That To Six Flags Next Time” 🙂

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