Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – February 12th 2017

After several days of rain and cloudy skies, this morning was the perfect time to visit Six Flags Magic Mountain for a quick update! This is one of the last weekends to ride the New Revolution ‘Classic Style’ before the arrival of the Galactic Attack Mixed Reality VR. Of course we’re also taking a look at the Justice League: Battle for Metropolis construction! 

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Let’s start at the entrance! It seems like all the ticket booths received new curtains, fresh and bright blue! (We all know how much the park loves this color 😛 ). I’m of opinion that the ticket booths and entrance can use an update in general, it all looks a bit dated. But perhaps that’s just the charm of it. I can’t decide. 

Something they CAN and SHOULD do, is clean and repaint the roofing of the metal detectors.

The Valencia Falls has been refurbished. Looking as lovely as ever. 

And the planters around it have received new flower beds! 

I am unsure what is going on over at the Sky Tower, there’s a lot of material and some serious work taking place behind these fences. Since Tatsu’s lift hill is located a few feet off to the side, this may just have to do with Tatsu’s current refurbishment. 

Since it rained some more, the hills surrounding the park are even greener than a few weeks ago, absolutely stunning.

It reminds me of retro Magic Mountain pictures with the green hills in the background. It’s been years since we’ve had this much rain, and thus years since the hills looked this nice!

But what’s also stunning is… the Justice League: Battle for Metropolis show building! Which is very apparent, towering over the water front restaurants.  

The majority of the walls have been placed around the show building, though the roof has yet to be installed.

The Beer Garden will be located off to the left in the picture below, and if I am correct that’s also where the exit of the ride will be. (If you look closely at the ride’s show building you can see an extension that looks like the exit). 

The area itself is receiving lots of love. 

Except the trees and plants are being taken out left and right, leaving new concrete patches in their place. 

Maybe I’m wrong, but the Tidal Wave sign looks freshly repainted. Perhaps the ride will reopen as Tidal Wave rather than Aquaman, as I personally hoped for. This is just a thought. I’m not exactly sure whether or not it has actually been repainted. 😛

“Six Flags… More Flags… More Ads”. Coming to a Six Flags near you, soon! 😛

Moving on to DC Universe, the park has turned it into the Suicide Squad scare zone again, which is for a corporate Six Flags event showing off both Fright Fest and Holiday in the Park! 

The crashed helicopter is definitely my favorite set piece for this scare zone! 

I hope to see a similar scare zone return next year!

Speaking of actual DC Universe attractions. Green Lantern: First Flight was closed for the day. Over the years I’ve seen this ride down a lot. I’m curious how much of a trouble-child it is for the park. 

Batman: The Ride is still running one train. Not that is usually too much of an issue during the off season, though today’s bring-a-friend crowds may create a 2+ hr line for it. 

I am so glad to see that the park added an awning to the DC Universe Store. I’m sure the merchandise will stay nicer longer without being exposed to the brutal SoCal sun all day long. 

Moving on to the Screampunk District. The park still has all the Holiday in the Park props and lights up, for the corporate Six Flags event as well. 

The gift store in front of Twisted Colossus seems to be permanently gone, more on that later. The entry plaza for the ride has been repainted. Which looks great! 

The Full Throttle plaza has also been repainted it looks like! I’m very glad the park is on top of this each year. They’re good with repainting the concrete on the plazas around the park.

Next to the Full Throttle plaza, the tables have received giant umbrellas. Which is a welcomed sight as in the summer not all tables are shaded.

Speaking of the Twisted Colossus gift shop, that’s now reassembled in the Six Flags Plaza next to the fountain. 

Apocalypse remains closed for a refurbishment. I haven’t seen much work being done, but perhaps some much-needed track work will take place. If I’m not mistaken one of the Roar trains from Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is now at the park, I’m curious if it’ll run on the ride or will just be used as a parts donor. 

Tatsu also remains closed for its refurbishment. It’s been a while since it underwent a long-term refurb. I mentioned this in the last update, but Tatsu will NOT be receiving a repaint. 

This is one of the last weekends to ride The New Revolution in classic style. The line was long, but with great dispatches and two trains it moved very quickly!

Spring time is approaching and I had to snap a quick shot of the blossoming trees surrounding The New Revolution. 

The New Revolution will soon feature Mixed Reality: ‘Galactic Attack’!

When riders board the coasters and don their Samsung Gear VR headsets, they will be introduced to the device’s passthrough camera functionality, instantly making riders aware of their surroundings, by allowing them to see the “real world,” including the person seated next to them— along with virtual content. As they get settled into the ride, a heads up display overlay on the passthrough camera view will show data like current status of weaponry, time codes, fuel cells, and a countdown clock.

Read the full announcement here!

Let’s finish this update with one of my favorite angles of the loop. This is a shot I seem to make every trip to the park… so here’s the February 12th version of it 😛

Thank you for checking out this new Six Flags Magic Mountain Update! We also launched a brand new Montezooma’s Revenge Repaint Update, which you MUST check out! As well as a quick Patriot Update, as the trains are being placed on the tracks already!

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2 Replies to “Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – February 12th 2017”

  1. Good to hear ROAR’s trains didn’t get scrapped (not that I ever really thought they would) and are gonna help that hot grumbly mess of a coaster Apocalypse. I think combine with the sketchy foundation, sun exposure and location that that area is cursed.
    (back to ROAR’s trains) Hopefully I’ll meet again with those lovely things and the old friend can cushion the course better. Someone said that one of the trains went to SFA???? Is this true? I personally don’t think it is…

    1. They can’t use the Roar trains since they are too heavy for the newer GCI’s. SFDK were the ones whole built the Roar trains and they came out a little too heavy. That’s why roar ran rough alot.

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