Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – August 23, 2018

Alexander: I’ve got quick little Six Flags Magic Mountain update for you!


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More Fright Fest stuff is appearing! Ninja is still down to 1 train, but the park was so quiet that The Blackbelt of Coasters was still a walk-on!

Not much has changed in the 2019 Project plot, however more signs have gone up, including an advertisement for a young adult mystery novel series (?).

Also, there’s a detour, apparently.

Copies of the 6 teaser signs have appeared along the existing construction wall. We’re very excited to be attending Six Flags’s announcement party on the 29th – it’s the first time they’ve ever done an event like this!

Not much going on out the shop window today.

A construction wall has appeared in front of the Thrill Shot entrance plaza. Methinks it will serve a big purpose come 2019!

Ninja and Jet Stream seem to be enjoying their newfound visibility. 

Meanwhile, it appears that Tidal Wave‘s short operating season is coming to an end. The ride is now down to weekends-only ops (if not totally down for the season already).

Fortunately we have Riddler keeping this little corner alive.

Behold: The Corner of Sadness: Closed Green Lantern, short-season Tidal Wave, and still-vacant Freefall plot. It’s amazing to think that, in 1971, this particular midway nub was full of activity (both of the ride’s original Arrow car rides were located here; one station to the left of this midway, and one to the right. Just behind us was the El Dorado Eagle’s Flight station and El Bumpo).

CraZanity is enjoying healthy crowds even on this quiet day.

Magic Mountain’s vision for The Boardwalk has a lot more concrete than I expected.

The good news is, more landscaping has gone in around CraZanity! There are now a variety of plants (of the flowering and non-flowering variety) to match those situated between Jammin’ Bumpers and Scrambler.

And finally, Viper remains closed.

There’s no apparent explanation for the ride’s closure, aside from just routine maintenance. The lift hill chain seems to be missing, as mentioned in our latest update from last week

As one of Magic Mountain’s “work horse” coasters, its almost surreal seeing it closed. 

That concludes today’s Six Flags Magic Mountain update! We’ll have more for you ASAP! Next week we’ll learn what the park’s next spectacular attraction will be!

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  1. I can’t help but to think that at some point, Tidal Wave may come out. It’s 30 years old and appears (to me) to have lost the appeal to guests it once had. Maybe by taking out Green Lantern and Tidal Wave, and using Freefall’s old space, there will be enough room for something big in a few years.

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