Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – August 15th 2018

Sean: With some friends over from Florida I had the chance to spend a full day at Six Flags Magic Mountain. I don’t do this very often but am happy to report I really had a wonderful time and that park operations were impressive and staff was attentive. The construction is moving along and Fright Fest is in full prep currently. The only downside of our time at the park was Viper being closed… more on that in the report below!

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We started the day with “Classic Revolution“, followed shortly by X2. Both were great experiences with solid operations and friendly staff. 

We then leisurely strolled over to Viper and about died. I was not aware for some reason that Viper was not going to be open, I thought it may have had a half hour or so delay with opening. Avid readers know how much that ride means to me. 

Look at this amazing entrance, that we were unable to pass through. We had already noticed that all 3 of Viper‘s trains were stored on the transfer tracks, and that the likelihood of it opening today just seemed slim. In my 6+ years of visiting this park weekly I had never seen it down. I was baffled. 

The gate at the exit made it clear that this could be down for a longer refurbishment, though I did see maintenance on the brake run. 

Riding some other coasters around the park provided me with the views of the lift hill of Viper that seemed to be missing a chain. So either a chain broke, they are doing extensive maintenance, or it’ll be up again soon. Let’s hope for the latter. 

Moving on! Fright Fest is only a month or so away, which is kind of crazy to think about. Preparation for the event is in full swing. The scare zone below Revolution is currently receiving its lights! 

Next up: Ninja! Ninja was running great, though it is still down to one train. Heads up for those planning to ride it on their visit to the park soon, the line can get quite long so ensure you ride it early in the day. 

The Ninja station provided good views of the wasteland below, where the new (presumably) roller coaster will be located. As well as the new housing development in the background. 

We saw quite some maintenance personnel working all over Apocalypse. The ride is rumored to be receiving a retheme, let’s hope that’s the case. I bet a retheme would do well for the new area. 

Currently this is the open plot for future expansion. 

While still on top of the hill in Samurai Summit, construction for their new Fright Fest maze Sewer of Souls is quite prominent. 

The park seems very busy, and it’s already looking awesome. Really digging the colors they’re going with. 

The maze was announced by the Six Flags Magic Mountain team at this year’s Midsummer Scream convention in Long Beach. 

More on that in future park updates!

Let’s head down the hill and ride Jet Stream

It seems as if the park is running more boats on Jet Stream than they have in a while and I really enjoyed the speed at which the line was moving. 

From the queue you get a nice look at the construction zone. Which as of right now is merely a few markers. 

The space is not very big, but the park has a lot more space to work with all around the area. I’m very excited for the announcements later this month!

In our last update a few days back we discussed the teasers that the park has placed around the construction zone for their 2019 addition! Here they are again:

Ninja used to be surrounded by some trees at this point during the ride, along with the classic train station. I’m curious to see how much the new attraction interacts with Ninja!

Of course we all had to ride Riddler’s Revenge, which still is one of the best coasters in the park. We should all talk about how incredible this coaster is a little more often. 

We also rode Justice League: Battle for Metropolis. It was struggling with screen and projector issues for a while but I am excited to report that that as been replaced and the screens that needed the most attention are in great shape. 

CraZanity! I am so excited about the love this ride is getting. What a great move by Six Flags Magic Mountain to add this ride. My friends were all big fans. 

The line was a healthy 70 minutes during the day too with all of its switchbacks filled! Awesome!

Fright Fest preparations continue in DC Universe where City Under Siege will return this year!

Looks like though the park is not bringing back the Suicide Squad, they are bringing back the light show! Definitely my favorite part!

Scream! was running well as well, like everything else we rode. I noticed the seat pieces of the 3rd train being wrapped up and laying next to the storage building of the ride. 

Here’s a closer look. I wonder if the 3rd train will finally get the orange and blue look, 3+ years after Scream!‘s makeover. 

A thing I wanted to point out was the Goliath queue. It was absolutely disgusting. I fell in love with the park again today as we had such a solid fun experience, but the staircase to the Goliath station had thousands of pieces of gum on the wall. I saw it some months back and that really should have been cleaned by now. 

Six Flags, if you’re reading this… I love you but we leaned against it and it’s gross. Hopefully they make a point of cleaning this. Guests in line were clearly not amused. 

The exit is very pretty though, I just live this view of Goliath. 

Next up Full File! No really, ads are fine but I was kind of shocked by the sheer amount of Chick-fil-A ads in the Full Throttle queue. Ads are not supposed to bothersome to the public, but really the TV screen you could hardly even see because of all these ads around the queue. 

Chick Throttle ran great on the other hand, I just am having a hard time with all these ads. Haha

Fright Fest is coming up soon! We’re excited to see how this year’s events pan out and are thrilled for the Halloween season! The Fright Fest photo op is on display right next to the Six Flags Emporium. 

Let’s have a little Tatsu appreciation time. The exit has really grown to be beautiful over the past years. The vegetation is growing out nicely. 

The Flying Beast from the Far East was running great today. Thanks to Six Flags Magic Mountain for running two stations on a moderately crowded day. The dispatch game was fantastic. 

Since we don’t usually have a lot of Tatsu pictures in our updates, I’ll throw in another one 🙂

Six Flags Magic Mountain has joined the “6X the Fury” merch game, which I’ve seen at many parks. I am surprised the park picked only 6 rides, but very pleased to see Viper on the merchandise! They could have done “12X the Fury” and it still would have made sense. 

Maybe in the future we’ll see Scream! and Riddler shout outs as well. But as of now I am MORE THAN satisfied with the Viper love on this merchandise. 

Let’s finish with a fence. A fence that looked rather minimal when The New Revolution opened 2 years ago but the vegetation has nicely grown in and it looks beautiful now. We’ll be back soon with another Six Flags Magic Mountain update. 

Thank you for checking out this Six Flags Magic Mountain Update!  A brand new Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Report and Dynamite (Freizeitpark Plohn) details are now LIVE!

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