Freizeitpark Plohn Reveals Dynamite Layout!

Sean: Freizeitpark Plohn is located in Lengenfeld, Germany, and is home to five roller coasters. This amusement park is well known for their adorable action-packed GCI wooden coaster “El Toro“, but will soon be known around the world for their new coaster “Dynamite“. Dynamite is the second Mack Rides Big Dipper and Freizeitpark Plohn just revealed the layout! 

Dynamite will stand a 144.3 feet tall (44 meters) and features a dive loop drop into a tunnel. The tunnel will feature a legendary airtime hill much like we’ve seen on Lost Gravity at Walibi Holland. The Big Dipper trains will reach a speed of 62.1 mph (100 km/h) in the tunnel before hitting a high turn that is followed by a drop into a 270 degree helix. This helix is followed by yet another quick airtime hill that leads into a snappy vertical loop and zero-G-roll. Below you get the chance to see the animation that the park has released:

The ride’s statistics are very impressive. Though Dynamite will only be a bit on the short side, inversion wise, speed wise, and height wise it’s everything we could ask for. As the second Mack Rides Big Dipper it is significantly faster and taller than the first installment at Walibi Holland, which is a fantastic roller coaster. (As seen below).

The tunnel is quite big, as it has to house another element, the construction of the tunnel took place last year. 

The park has moved along quite a bit already, and the station (along with tunnel) have already been completed. The park is going for the old west aesthetic, appropriate for a German theme park opening a coaster named Dynamite. This will be the park’s biggest investment to date with tons of landscaping and theming. We’re very excited as the layout looks spectacular. 

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