Six Flags Magic Mountain Reaches Capacity – Let’s Take a Look

Sean: Six Flags Magic Mountain reached capacity earlier today (December 30th, 2018) due to a combination of nation-wide crazy theme park crowds this Holiday season, and the bring-a-friend-free tickets for pass holders and members. Let’s take a look at this chaotic crowd at the park!

At 3.18PM this afternoon Six Flags Magic Mountain sent out their first tweet in a while, the park had reached capacity (which is usually measured by every inch of overflow parking being filled and the roads into the parks being gridlocked). The great news for guests that were planning on visiting but were unable to get in, the park has extended Holiday in the Park thru January 5th and the tickets, deadlines, and bring-a-friend-free tickets are valid thru January 6th.

What usually happens when the park reaches capacity is that local Los Angeles County Sheriff blocks entry to the theme park.

Let’s head inside and see what the crowds look like. Usually the Full Throttle Plaza, the largest plaza in the park, has enough room to host concerts nightly, as well as allow for people to walk thru. Today the lines for food and drink refills filled up the plaza even prior to the Snowy Nights entertainment beginning.

Looking for something to eat? You may be out of luck. Six Flags Magic Mountain may not be the worst in the Six Flags chain for food quality and operations, but these crowds is not something the park can handle. By any means. Lines for food are intimidatingly long and can stretch through the park, such as Wascal’s’ line that reached up to the restrooms next to Goliath!

Some days we think Six Flags Magic Mountain has too many dead spots with a lack of attraction or too much concrete. Today those areas were oceans of people trying to get through, it’s scary just thinking what the ride queues look like.

Speaking of queues, here’s the first one… Goliath! Goliath has a very beefy queue space that can easily hold 2.5 hours of queue, today the queue extended past the entrance in a circle around the entry plaza and filing to the Food Etc. food court. Not a line I like to be waiting in. 

Six Flags Magic Mountain isn’t much of a flat ride park, but even the often-forgotten Buccaneer and Swashbuckler filled up their queue houses and the lines spilled out to the midway.

Want to use the restroom? There is a queue for that too, of course. 

The biggest food location inside the park is the food court at Food Etc. Which has several entrances. Needless to say the lines were disastrous and no seating was available. 

See that line for Twisted Wiches? Yup! That too was longer than I would ever be willing to wait in, respect for those that stick out the wait. 

Scream! isn’t particularly well-known to have long wait times, and even on near-sold-out days I’ve never seen a line this long. A full plaza and line reaching back to the Twisted Colossus plaza, that is certain to be around 2-2.5 hour queue.

It should be no secret that the popular Rocky Mountain Construction hybrid coaster, that runs 3 trains, also has a massive wait. Much like its opening day in May of 2015, Twisted Colossus hosts a healthy but tedious 3 hour wait. 

Riddler’s Revenge has great queue space that wraps around the ride’s layout. Seeing a queue ever spill out in the Metropolis is a bad sign!

Food queues continue to be long as all of DC Universe turned into a queue for Teen Titans Pizza. Batman: The Ride also hosts a full queue. 

The new-for-2017 Justice League: Battle for Metropolis is the perfect family ride. I’m surprised there wasn’t a longer queue out on the plaza, but a full queue and pre-shows still equals a longer wait time than I wish to deal with.

Another ocean of people! The Metropolis restaurants are high-capacity food service places, but there is just no way for there to be an organized process/ queue system. 

Let’s finish with my personal favorite, Viper, which I always enjoy seeing a long line for. All switchbacks used and a full ramp of people. Viper deserves the love.


Thank you for checking out this report, and if you braved the crowds like Karen Rogora (who sent in the pictures) then I hope you still managed to have a fun time! Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Northern California was also an ocean of people, that crowd report can be found here!

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  1. I’m assuming X2 was simply so packed you couldn’t get a pic? (also interested in how Throttle was doing on a day like this)

        1. Actually, X2 was open on Sunday. It opened in the afternoon. I know because I rode it. However, it was closed all day on Monday due to strong winds.

    1. Mike, my sister and I waited an hour for CraZanity last week when the park wasn’t so crowded, so I’d hate to think what the wait was this weekend…

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