One of the Busiest Days at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom – Photos

Sean: As you may have seen thru our coverage on social media and here on the website, this was a very busy holiday weekend this year. Six Flags Magic Mountain in Southern California reached capacity, and Six Flags Discovery Kingdom too had quite a crowd. Let’s take a look!

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom reached capacity in their main parking lot shortly after opening, the park utilizes the fair grounds across the street for overflow parking, which too filled up almost entirely by mid-afternoon.

All freeways leading to the park were jammed with traffic. Lots of Bay Area people were trying to get some Holiday in the Park action prior to the holiday season ending.

The traffic jam on the freeways went on and on, it must have really been unfortunate to must pass by the park on a commute elsewhere.

The traffic on the road was a very good indication of the traffic inside the park, or for worse even trying to walk into the park.

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom can get busy, but this busy it is usually not. In fact, this is the busiest we’ve ever seen it, and I’ve personally dealt with waiting 2.5 hours for a burrito here before… let’s look a little further. 

Turns out that the park stopped running busses as the queue to get into the park backed up all the way to the bus turn around, meaning no busses could run. For those that are acquainted with the park know that this is a terribly large area to be queuing in. Once closer to the security check point it really becomes clear what a crowd has shown up for some thrills. The time it took to get through security was estimated to be almost an hour.

The ocean of people is never ending and with it being a bring-a-friend-free day the membership queues are just as long as the regular entrance. Surely it can’t be a pleasure actually being inside the park. Good news is that Six Flags Discovery Kingdom has a lot more to offer than just rides. 

Inside the park queues for restaurants exceed 2 hours in wait time, even queues for the restaurant are plenty. Let’s check out what some of the ride wait times are like!

It is quite unusual for the park’s flat rides to have major waits, but even Thrilla Gorilla is boosting a healthy queue.

We don’t have many pictures of ride queues besides the one above, but here is some lovely information regarding operations and queues that makes you happy that you weren’t inside the park.

Rides closed on December 30th, 2018:

  • Harley Quinn Crazy Coaster
  • Kong
  • Usual flat rides such as VooDoo

Joker was running just one train, filled up all possible queue space and had 2.5 hour line, Superman: Ultimate Flight filled up the bottom switchbacks and spilled out on the midway with about a 60-90 minute wait, V2 had a surprisingly low wait time of just about 45 mins, Medusa featured a 2 hour wait time. Last but not least Boomerang Coast to Coaster filled up its queue and a part of the midway resulting in a wait time of around 90 minutes. 

Thanks to Bryan Walker for the pictures of the crowds, and thank you all for checking out this quick little crowd report from Six Flags Discovery Kingdom! To see what Six Flags Magic Mountain at capacity looks like, click here! Check out recent articles such as the EuropeFlorida and California Top 10 Coasters! Follow our new Twitter account!

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  1. That’s nuts! Even on slower days…it can take 1 hour to stand in line to get food in the plaza area….ever since they went to the meal plan model, it’s been horrible.

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