Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Los Angeles Update – May 28th 2016

20160528_130812 (Medium)This may just be our very first Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Update that I didn’t combine with the Six Flags Magic Mountain Update. That being due to the fact that the park opened for the 2016 Season today and there’s quite some water slide construction to address. The Python Plunge slides will come to the water park later this season!

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Let’s start off with a big kudos to the Hurricane Harbor staff as the opening in the morning was plagued by a malfunctioning computer system, phone system, and I believe even water-related issues. Luckily all the issues were resolved by about 1 pm when I stopped by the park! 20160528_131852 (Medium) Let’s start off with some quick notes from around the park:

The screen over the Forgotten Sea Wave Pool was working and showing cartoons, oddly I totally forgot to take a picture of that. The park also vastly expanded their menu across the restaurants offering more food options, significantly more, than they used to.

The Tiki Falls sign has been updated again this year combining the painted sign we saw last year with the 3D physical sign in front of it. 20160528_131120 (Medium) Tornado went without a sign for the 2015 Season, and perhaps the 2014 Season as well (don’t recall what year I last saw it). A new sign has been created and placed next to the entry way to the giant funnel slide. This sign, similar to that of Scream! at Six Flags Magic Mountain next door, is all painted in a 3D way. 20160528_131253 (Medium)

Usually water parks are seasonal, and so is Six Flags Hurricane Harbor LA. Thus there’s not too much change from year to year. But without a grand announcement this time around, the park is adding three new water slides. You may have seen a million of our pictures showing off the pieces of slides stores below Scream!, dismantled next to Twisted Colossus and then put together partially… well here’s today’s version of those pictures. The slides remain to be partially assembled on the Twisted Colossus lot. 20160528_125653 (Medium) 20160528_125752 (Medium) These slides though will soon be added to this slide structure. Previously known as Reptile Ridge, the remaining two slides on the structure have been repainted/ are being repainted red and blue to become part of the all new Python Plunge tower. 20160528_130818 (Medium) 20160528_130838 (Medium) Note that the structure used to be brown and gray, and is now an interesting color green. Hopefully it won’t be sun bleached anytime soon. We all know how bad water park attractions can look when they’re colorful and located in very sunny locations like Southern California. 20160528_130844 (Medium) Here’s one of the few promotional signs the park has put up around the construction site. The promotional rendering shows that the center slide will be entirely open, straight down, and will have yellow and orange as its colors. The two slides on either side of the yellow/orange slide are a mix of green and a mix of blue. Both slides are mirror versions of each other and will feature two 360 degree helices followed by a helix in the opposite direction. All three slides end in skim-outs rather than a pool like the previous slides on the structure used to. 20160528_130812 (Medium) This picture shows off how none of the signage has been updated yet for the new attractions, as well as the new footers for the slides. 20160528_130852 (Medium) If you look closely, you’ll notice that there’s no pool any longer, as the ground has been leveled to accommodate the three skim-outs! 20160528_130856 (Medium) There seems to be a tad of landscaping going on as well, including over at the cabana section of the park that’s located behind the new Python Plunge. 20160528_130820 (Medium) Here’s a look at the area from the other side of the slide structure. Note that the blue slide, the repainted one on the left side of the picture, will now be the only slide on the tower to feature a pool as the ending of the slide. The recreational pools in the area are being refurbished as well, and will open up with the new slides. 20160528_130925 (Medium) I must say I actually like the name of the new slides. Water slides are often named after snakes, and it’s already been done at this park, but the name sounds nice and the park has never had a colorful slide structure before, so it’ll definitely add some color to the mainly white/gray/black look of the slides around the park. 20160528_130827 (Medium) Here’s a final look at the structure that will soon be completely redone for the new slides!20160528_131729 (Medium)

Thank you for checking out this Six Flags Hurricane Harbor LA Update! Make sure to visit the park’s new slides later this season! We’ve also published a regular Six Flags Magic Mountain Update today, so make sure to check that out!

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  1. Glad to see their adding more slides hopefully next year I get to experience it haven’t gone since 2005 or 2006 due to them not adding any new slides

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