Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – May 28th 2016

20160528_172343 (Medium)It’s Memorial Day Weekend, and that means show time at Six Flags Magic Mountain! The park’s line up of entertainment for the 2016 Season launched today and the park was quite crowded. Nonetheless, the park handled the crowds wonderfully! In addition, the separately ticketed Hurricane Harbor water park opened for the 2016 season next door. In this update we’ll take a look around the park and the entertainment line up for this season! 

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For those snapchatters out there, follow SFMAGICMOUNTAIN, perhaps you can scan this picture to add them! 😀 20160528_132115 (Medium) The park’s Pistachio Park sign has turned into another Gold Dining Pass advertisement. Either the sales aren’t going as expected, or they’re such a hit that the park just wants everyone to have one and keep cashing in. Likely the latter. I’ve seen many (and I mean many) people using Dining Passes around the park. 20160528_132621 (Medium) Speaking of dining and Dining Passes. The pizza section over at the Water Front offers a BBQ Pizza currently, which is also available for Dining Pass holders! This though is a limited time item, just like the Oreo shakes at Johnny Rockets!20160528_170202 (Medium) Moving on to ride related stuff… Goliath was closed today, with multiple maintenance guys working with cables on top of the lift hill. I’m unsure what exactly was the matter, but definitely something lift(hill) related. 20160528_132658 (Medium) The tree cutting around Ninja has continued, leaving a very open space around the ride, as we have shown in previous updates. 20160528_172343 (Medium) The old Action Theater/ future project site seems untouched from the last few times we were at the park. Still a dirt lot. 20160528_171931 (Medium) We also decided to use the Single Rider line for The New Revolution. There’s no VR for those using the single rider line, but at least you skip a 2+ hour line! – A little added note, some VR headsets now use the Galaxy S7 phones. 20160528_173022 (Medium) Moving on to the entertainment around the park… there’s music all around the park, including the usual spot in front of Katy’s Kettle.20160528_172602 (Medium) The street entertainment throughout the Screampunk District is back as well! 20160528_133434 (Medium) And the park’s hit-show Kwerk returned for the 2016 Season!20160528_133612 (Medium) But better than ever before! The show may have the same name, but pretty much everything else is different. The show has an awesome new intro, fire (which is always awesome) and lots of awesome acts overall! Make sure to check it out! 20160528_153233 (Medium) The show currently only runs during weekends. Late June the show will be hosted in the Gearworks Theatre 4 times a day (2:00pm, 3:30pm, 5:30pm, 7:00pm) Thursday-Monday!20160528_141013 (Medium) 20160528_140620 (Medium) Oh and let’s not forget this year’s show features a glow in the dark scene again, a guest favorite! 20160528_142348 (Medium) Full Throttle Nights has also started for the 2016 season! This is the fourth season Six Flags Magic Mountain puts up this show, and again is it better than the previous year. This right here is this year’s Velocity band, I’ve watched them for a while and they’re actually really good. Truly enjoyed their music.20160528_181348 (Medium) During Full Throttle Nights there are also a bunch of activities to keep guests involved, the center of the Full Throttle Plaza is used a lot this year! 20160528_185107 (Medium)And of course Full Throttle Nights wouldn’t be complete without Full Throttle Dancers! New choreography, costumes, props, and music create a fun show to watch. Over the past few years, especially later on during summer nights, this show has really been a hit. 20160528_185426 (Medium) One of the reasons for this show being such a hit is the amazingly talented Ricky Rocks! He’s back for another season of crazy percussionist skills with DJ Nel. The first Full Throttle Nights featured DJ A One, you may have seen him at the show (or other events in the park) before!20160528_184209 (Medium)

20160528_130818 (Medium)Thank you for checking out this quick Six Flags Magic Mountain Update! Make sure to visit the park’s shows, as they are truly phenomenal! We’ve just published a separate Hurricane Harbor Los Angeles Update to discuss the new Python Plunge slides that are coming to the park!



20160525_160732 (Medium)We also just went live with a bunch of cool The Joker articles, as the newest coaster in California is opening today! Read our following detailed works:


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5 Replies to “Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – May 28th 2016”

  1. Hey there, I’ve been folliwing you months ago and I really enjoy your sfmm updates.
    something that is concerning me is the tree removal, I know that they had problems with them on ninja but romeving a lot of them doesnt affect the lanscape to much? Whats your opinion about it, it still looks nice?

    1. I prefer the landscape filled with trees, not going to lie about it. But it does allow for views of Ninja guests never have gotten before. The reason for all the tree removal is unknown, in 2014 it was to prevent another accident to happen as the soil was damaged and a tree shifted against the Ninja track, causing the train to hit it and the front car to derail. The current removal on the other hand may be for any reason. Whether that’s the same reason as in 2014, a new ride, a refurbishment of Ninja, etc. Once we know the reason behind the current tree removal, I will have a clearer opinion about how it looks, as removing trees isn’t exactly a favorable thing to do.

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