Six Flags Discovery Kingdom – Early January, 2019

My first stop was the shark presentations. Unfortunately, there were little to no sharks swimming in the aquarium.

I did happen to find this Hammerhead Shark on display for guests exiting the encounter. This shark also happens to be one of my favorites , so why not give it some love.

The fixtures in the park were beautiful. Like the Hammer Head shark previously seen, these stags illuminate gracefully in the dark.

The White Water Safari rapids were down on this visit for its scheduled closure. The landscaping around this attraction truly immerses guests into the river rapid experience.

All of the water has been completely drained for the season. Its amazing to see how much energy and power these attraction need to run continuously throughout the year. 

The park feels like one huge safari. The only thing missing is the titles to the themed areas. Boomerang Coast-To-Coaster is one of the hidden gems of the park located in the “Land” section of the Park. The other two areas of the park are know as “Sea” and “Sky”. 

Many of us have ridden the Vekoma Boomerangs. For some reason this coaster, although intense, was smoother than most of its kind.

In true animal fashion, the tiger pull car was a nice touch to the attraction. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom should theme more attractions to the animal attractions, as they frequently did prior to Superman, it would be a strength for the park.

Tigers are among the fiercest animals on the planet and would tie in well with any attraction. Over at Odin’s Temple of the Tiger this was the only beauty I found taking a nice nap. I was truly looking forward to seeing Odin, the white tiger.

There are however many marine shows in the park that guest can attend to see animals at play. Because of time we were not able to make it this time around, but Drench! has always been entertaining to watch with live dolphins!

Although we did not have time to visit all of the animal encounters on this visit, the encounters we did end up visiting were not extremely engaging or clean. These manta rays all seemed to hide from guests touching them and their water was very murky. I sure hope the park puts more money into maintaining all of their animal exhibit above par, there is so much potential here.

The park is busy maintaining its physical attractions. Monsoon Falls was also down during this visit for its scheduled refurb. This attraction was manufactured by Intamin and has been at the park for 20 years now.

The Joker opened in 2016 and still is one of our favorite attractions in the park. Having ridden other RMC attractions, this coaster has many great elements for its restricted space and height.

This was the longest wait of the day as it was experiencing numerous technical difficulties throughout the day. The ride operators informed me it was due to sensors of the restraints.

It is truly innovative how the steel tracks can be used over the wooden structures to create an experience like no other. The color scheme for The Joker has always been eye pleasing to look at because you can see where the past meets the present.

The coaster track is not the only thing chaotic and whimsical. True to its name The Joker trains are truly spectacular. During this there was only one train running to keep the rides down time for the day low as they were experiencing sensor issues.

You can never have enough images of the coaster track. At a height of only 100 feet this 78 degree drop provides a lot of airtime and immediately throws you into the action of the The Jokers villainous plot.

On a not so nefarious note, the Toy Land section of the park had amazing Christmas music playing throughout the entire area. This nutcracker soldier could be found at the entrance to the zone.

With so many life size toys in the area, I would have loved to experienced this section at night when the lights make it come to life. Reminiscent to a classic dreidel , this spinning toy stuck out the most to me because it happened to be my initials.

At the end of Toy Land we ventured over to Kong. The attraction was closed for the day and having received mixed reviews I was truly excited about experiencing this coaster for myself.

My personal favorite attraction in the park however, was completely operational. Having ridden many B&M floor-less coasters Medusa definitely ranks in our top 5.

The amazing layout propels this coaster into extreme excitement. There is no better feeling than plummeting from a vertical drop at 150 feet and experiencing America’s only sea serpent element.

The Vertical loop also packs a punch. I could ride this coaster all day with how smooth it is.

At the loading area, there was a sports bottle holder for guest.  This is great tool and should be incorporated into more of the Six Flags parks to alleviate spills in the holding bins. Nice job, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom!

Taking to the skies the mighty Sky Screamer lives again! This was an amazing trip to the park. We got a new credit on V2: Vertical Velocity, took a look at the new Batman: The Ride construction update, and found some areas of improvement for the park.

Thank You all for reading thus far, be sure to check out our new Sea World San Diego park update and be sure to follow us on Instagram and Twitter. Until next time coaster royalty!

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  1. Wait, are you sure they were assigning seats for Wonder Woman? I’ve been telling them since it opened that they SHOULD do that, but they’ve always let it be a disorganized, free-for-all, then time wasted asking people to move over (or run the ride with empty seats.) That would be awesome if they are finally assigning seats. I think the similar rides at both Cedar Fair parks in Ohio assign seat numbers, and it makes things much smoother.

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