Six Flags Discovery Kingdom – Early January, 2019

Derrion: I was so excited to get back to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom as it has been 2 years since my last visit to the park. This park may be the baby sister to my home park Six Flags Magic Mountain, but it still offers and amazing experience for guest. As the first park I’ve visited in 2019, let’s take a look at the new changes in the park.

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Let’s do this! It felt great to be back at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. At the entrance of the park, there was a separate membership entrance. Like all Six Flags park there always seems to be more of a wait time entering through these entrances vs the regular entrances.

It was the day after new years, and Holiday in the Park was in full swing for the next couple of days. Christmas decorations truly heighten the atmosphere for any area in the park.

Reaching new heights of 150 feet, I was finally able to get my credit on V2:Vertical Velocity. The last time we visited this attraction it was down for a lengthy refurbishment.

The stations were almost empty which resembled much of the other wait times in the park on this day. A great way to beat the crowd is to become a Diamond or Diamond Elite member. You can use most of your skip the line passes for attractions such as this at most Six Flags parks. On days like this I find using the passes at the more popular attractions will suffice.

It was not my first time on an Intamin inverted spiral coaster. Having ridden Vertical Velocity at Six Flags Great America, I prefer the new layout of V2:Vertical Velocity as it makes for a longer fulfilling ride experience. The slow inversions are amazing.

The 45 degree incline seemed a better fit because it creates a since of weightlessness and ease when going through some of the elements. Depending on where you position yourself on the train it will always be a different ride.We will be back to experience other areas of the train.

V2: Vertical Velocity will not be the only thing bringing us back this year. The new 4D Free- Fly Coaster, Batman: The Ride  is set to open this Spring/Summer.

The construction site was completely free of concrete and now have markers through the region. This was the former site of the Thunder Road Speedway Go-Karts.

This attraction will tower over the site at 120 feet and will greatly change the parks skyline. This site will include the rides station and queue zone as well as an amazing gift shop exiting the ride to include more Batman merchandise. The markers are already in place for the coasters footers and supports.

A lot of the attractions in this area are extremely close to each other which allows for guest to go easily from one attraction to the next. The only down fall is that Batman’s neighbor Harley Quinn may not be running as scheduled in the future.

No surprise, Harley Quinn: Crazy Coaster was down during this visit. The coaster has been experiencing operation difficulties and the park has yet to confirm the future progress of the attraction.

This train was still on the track which makes us believe the attraction will not be going anywhere anytime soon. The second train was not present on the track.

There was also one train running on Superman: Ultimate Flight…but then again there is always one train running. Just after riding Electric Eel at Sea World San Diego, the comfort collars truly offer different ride experiences for guests.  I will say that the open air experience going through the zero-g roll without comfort collars makes Superman: Ultimate Flight our top choice for the Premier Skyrocket in California.

I chose to skip Wonder Woman: Lasso of Truth because I was on time crunch and having Crazanity back at my home park, I knew it could not possibly outshine its baby sister. Even though I did not ride the attraction, I noticed that the seats were all assigned to alleviate confusion which increases efficiency. This would be a good system to implement for Crazanity at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

For a split second , the multitude of attractions in this area made it feel very similar to Six Flags Magic Mountain. However, since this is Six Flags Discovery Kingdom why not venture away and check out some of the animal encounters that guests can visit.

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  1. Wait, are you sure they were assigning seats for Wonder Woman? I’ve been telling them since it opened that they SHOULD do that, but they’ve always let it be a disorganized, free-for-all, then time wasted asking people to move over (or run the ride with empty seats.) That would be awesome if they are finally assigning seats. I think the similar rides at both Cedar Fair parks in Ohio assign seat numbers, and it makes things much smoother.

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