SeaWorld San Diego- Late December 2018

Derrion: The holidays are finally over, which means we will have so many updates for you all in the coming weeks. Over the holidays, we had such an amazing time visiting Sea World San Diego on Christmas Day. This was a very impromptu trip and even though it had been raining the entire day we managed to have a blast.

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This was my first time visiting SeaWorld San Diego in almost 2 years! With all the new surprises that have been just announced I will definitely be back more often.

These little guys were at the front viewing pools. These sharks can be found right at the entrance and guests can interact with them using two fingers only to touch.

We then ventured over to the Sea Lion/Seal Encounter. The rain was all gone and these mammals were having a ball playing out in the sun.

Another way that guests can get up close with these mammals is through the Sea Lions Live show. It was very entertaining because it gave each sea lion a true personality.

Do you know the difference between a seal and a sea lion? The main distinction is that seals have ear holes while sea lions have ear flaps.

The Orca Encounter is one of SeaWorld’s signature shows. This is a must see every time you visit the park.

The show itself was very entertaining as usual. It however was also surprisingly educational and very informative using new state of the art technology in the visual displays.

The orcas are beautiful and extremely intelligent. The encounter showcases  their growth and development, migrating characteristics, and teaches the audience how they hunt prey. They are the top predators in the ocean.

SeaWorld continues to emphasize their rescue brand by saving thousands of species each year. This includes the eels seen below and countless other sea animals. It is clear that their brand over time is changing for the better.

These eels are not the only thrilling thing in the park. Electric Eel which opened this past year was truly an amazing experience. This Premier Skyrocket was just what the park needed to increase its thrill lineup. The comfort collars however were the biggest downfall to the ride and were very difficult for someone my size (6’1’ and above ) to get in and out of the seat.

Just behind the Electric Eel, Journey to Atlantis was down today due to its current refurbishment.

The constructions walls have appeared around the entire attraction and the area is completely zoned off.

This attraction is currently being re-tracked and re-painted. I am excited to come back to the park and visit this spring to see all of the new changes. There were only two major attractions open this visit and the park felt a bit empty.

SeaWorld had many Christmas murals throughout the park. This one in particular depicted the nativity scene which blended well with the ocean sand.

The Shark Encounter was another destination we had to visit before the end of the trip.

It was great to visit the encounter complete with Christmas decor and holiday spirited sharks. SeaWorld continues to strive to educate its audience on the true nature of Sharks.

This encounter by far was extremely immersive. Hot off the press, in 2020 SeaWorld will be renovating this Shark Encounter and adding a brand new dive machine, Mako, among many other additions to this park in the next few years. More information can be found here !

On a merrier note, the classic tale of Rudolph was on the big screen for guest to experience. It was truly magnificent because the movie experience showcased the classic tale with all new lighting, wind, and snow effects.

I always love admiring the beauty of the flamingos. These birds are so in tune with each other and they can be watched for hours. SeaWorld allows for guests to feed them pellets for a small fee.

SeaWorld used to make me nervous visiting their marine encounters because I always felt that the animals were not always cared for. All of the encounters today showcased active healthy animals. The mantas were swimming freely and it was cool to visit them.

The Manta entrance is so beautiful. Why not get over to ride!

Manta had a holiday overlay known as Merry Manta. It was quite a surprise as this Mack coaster always gives a great rush of adrenaline from start to finish.

Now that Christmas is gone, I am definitely going to miss the season. These Christmas trees were beautiful throughout the park and I wish they could stay all year long.

It would not be a holiday post without merchandise! These Rudolph swords were amazing and would light up an entire area.

The “O Wondrous Night” Live nativity show by far is one of the best shows I have ever experienced at an amusement park. SeaWorld truly has a gem, and although the performances foundation was in religion it was perfectly woven to warm anyones heart on Christmas.

We truly are going to miss the holiday season in many theme parks. We will definitely be back for more SeaWorld San Diego updates. I’m very excited to see the new changes coming to the park as they have a bright future on the horizon.

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