Sesame Street Construction Tour – SeaWorld Orlando – January 22nd, 2019

Sean: Today we attended a wonderful tour of the new-for-2019 Sesame Street at SeaWorld Orlando! The new themed land will not only be home to some great family rides, but also meet ‘n greets with your furry Sesame Street friends, and of course the brand new parade. Let’s take a look around the construction zone!

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A short presentation kicked off the the start of the construction tour. SeaWorld made sure to also present the area’s concept art to help visualize what we were looking at in real life.

The details on the buildings are amazing so far, I’m quite impressed with how nicely everything is coming together!

Large construction crews are all over the new area, making sure the touches are carefully applied for a Spring opening of the themed area.

Once inside Mr. Hooper’s store we find a large new retail space that will be home to a wide variety of merchandise.

The store is coming together rapidly, besides plenty of retails space and shelving that is already in place, the ceiling should soon be completed as well.

The store will end with a meet ‘n greet where guests can meet their favorite characters and take pictures of course.

Inside the courtyard with the beautiful buildings, guests will find Big Bird’s nest where daily story time/ reading time with Big Bird will take place.

The area will clearly be immersive, which is a great competitive factor of SeaWorld’s latest theme-heavy installment. The Sesame Street areas around the chain are usually great, and I believe this one will be the best yet.

Construction of the buildings is finished, and though several exteriors near completion, some of the buildings are still covered in construction crew finishing the touches.

Though the land won’t be separate from the park, guests can also pass by the land by heading thru Shamu Stadium. Not that you would want to do so in my opinion! To enter Sesame Street there will be two entrances, one on either side of Shamu Stadium (Wild Arctic and Sea Carousel).


SeaWorld Orlando will be presenting a brand new Sesame Street parade daily, the parade was on display this year at SeaWorld San Diego, and has been at the chain’s Sesame Place for quite some time now. There may be a few slight changes of course, but one thing is for sure, the award-winning parade will be a much-appreciated addition to the park’s lineup of stellar entertainment.

Midways are being created currently, and the restroom in the area will soon too receive a makeover to match the new area.

Here’s another look at the new area’s old carousel skeleton, which will be reused for the area.

The area will also be home to 6 attractions, though I can’t exactly pinpoint which attraction this will be. (May be Abby’s Flower Tower)

Slimey’s Slider will be the refurbished tug boat attraction, right next to Super Grover’s Box Car Derby.

We were expecting Sea Carousel to be part of the area, but who knows, maybe some day that too will become Sesame Street!

Cookie Monster’s Cookie Drop, which is a perfect name, will be a small family friendly drop ride!

The area will also be home to Big Bird’s Twirl ‘N Whirl, where guests get to sit in nest themed spinning tea cups spinning around Big Bird!

As more midway, electrical and plumbing goes in, the area is also preparing for another cute attraction.

Elmo’s Choo Choo Train! This particular attraction should be receiving some very nice themed elements!

We know for a fact that many of our readers have been waiting to see what’s up with the former Shamu Express! The ride logo is still found in several areas including the Shamu Express photo shop, but the actual ride has already received its Super Grover’s Box Car Derby paint!

The station cover has yet to be replaced, but to be honest I love the colors and wouldn’t mind if it stayed (or got refreshed at least). 

There’s currently a lot going on in Super Grover’s Box Car Derby’s station when it comes to the colors, though that may change, concepts of the area do reveal brightly colored trains!

The coaster makes for a perfect background attraction in the area, perfectly complimenting the rides/attractions side of the Sesame Street themed land.

Time to say goodbye to Super Grover’s Box Car Derby, perhaps we’ll soon see what the new trains for the Zierer coaster!

Thank you to the construction workers for making Sesame dreams come true, we look forward to the final product!

SeaWorld spokespersons on site informed us that though there is still quite some work left to do, the area is on a perfect schedule for a Spring opening! 

Thank you to SeaWorld for hosting the tour, and thanks to Elmo and Abby for the cute goodbye. We’ll see everyone soon at the new Sesame Street!

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