Mary Poppins, Mickey’s Mix Magic and Castle Refurbishment – Disneyland Resort Update – Mid January 2019

Preston: During the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend, we decided to head back to the Disneyland Resort to check out the new “Get Your Ears On” festival. The Holiday festivities ended only two weekends ago, but the entire resort has an brand new fresh feeling due to the new celebration. In this update, we’ll take a look at the brand new offerings for Get Your Ears On, the new parking structure and how it’s coming along, some new (and newly reopened) restaurants at the Downtown Disney District, the new temporary Mary Poppins Returns exhibit in Disneyland Park, as well as some routine refurbishments.

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Our day at the Disneyland Resort began with the usual parking at Mickey and Friends. After heading down the escalators, we noticed that the banners to the left had not yet been updated to reflect the new celebration.

When checking out the new parking structure, which is scheduled to open sometime this year, it seems as if it is getting very close to completion.

Toward the end of the structure, we can see that the escalators are currently being installed.

It really does look like they’re reaching the final stretch of the construction for this large project. Hopefully it can open in time for the massive crowds of Star Wars Land!

Now, let’s hop on the tram and head over to Downtown Disney!

When first getting off the tram, we noticed the added touches of color in the area. Banners advertising the “Get Your Ears On” festival fill the walkways.

Downtown Disney is seriously going through quite the overhaul. The entire promenade looks entirely different than it did just one year ago. In the middle of the area, Ballast Point has just opened. Though we was not able to dine there during our visit, I’ve only heard good things about the new brewery.

Just a few steps further, on the other side of the same building, Black Tap Burger still has not opened.

I haven’t heard any sort of rumored opening date yet for this restaurant. However, I’m definitely hoping for sooner rather than later. I’ve been lucky enough to eat at one of Black Tap’s New York City locations, and it was incredible.

Turning around and heading back towards the parks, Naples has recently just reopened with a fresh modern look. This seems to be the direction that all the Downtown Disney shops and restaurants are headed. Just to the left of Naples, Napolini, the quick service version of Naples, has also reopened.

“Get Your Ears On” banners also fill the esplanade.

Now, let’s head into the parks! First, Disneyland! Mickey and Minnie colored flags greet us as we enter.

Something new that has gone mostly unseen is the new Mary Poppins Returns exhibit that is in the Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln building. While small, it’s a cute little addition that any Poppins fan will enjoy.

This is the real Mary Poppins costume worn by Emily Blunt!

Back on Main Street, there is even more Mickey and Minnie decor. I must say, I would take these colors on Main Street everyday over the Pixar Fest bunting we received last year.

What are your thoughts on Disney using the new-era cartoon versions of the Fab 5 rather than the vintage renditions?

IT’S CASTLE REFURB TIME!!! Finally. No scaffolding up on the castle quite yet, except for a very small portion in the very bottom-left corner. I’ve heard that the reasoning behind that is because they would like the first weekend of Mickey’s Mix Magic to feature the projections on the castle. The expectation is the scaffolding will go up sometime in the upcoming week.

I much prefer these walls over the generic walls that were used during the 2015 castle refurbishment prior to the 60th celebration.

Over in Tomorrowland, the Astro Orbiter has just closed for refurbishment as well. It is looking quite bare without the planets orbiting around the attraction. There’s been chatter about possibly relocating the attraction to over where the the stagnant Orbitron is, above the former Peoplemover loading platform, but I personally believe that is just wishful thinking. Chalk this one up as just a standard paint job.

Before heading over to Fantasyland, I absolutely had to go to Galactic Grill to grab the Mickey 90th Birthday Sipper. To my surprise, this chunk of plastic was TWENTY-FIVE DOLLARS. However, because I have such a massive popcorn bucket and sipper obsession, I still decided to make the purchase.

Small World Holiday is still in operation through the weekend. I’ve always enjoyed that they keep this overlay running a bit extra compared to the rest of the holiday offerings. It’s such an impressive addition to the already incredible attraction, that it deserves some extra time.

We’re getting closer every single day to Galaxy’s Edge. June is only a few months away!

Alright, enough of Disneyland Park, for now. Let’s head to DCA! We quickly hopped over to the Disneyland Resort’s second park to get a quick night ride on the Incredicoaster. But on the way over, we couldn’t help but take a look at some construction walls. 2020 can’t come soon enough!

Alright, enough of that. Pixar Pier time!

Incredicoaster is an attraction that I am heavily critical on. I think the overlay was done pretty poorly, and overall is kind of a disappointment. That being said, the Incredicoaster is a completely different ride at night. Some of its weak points seem to hide in the shadows. Do I prefer California Screamin’? Yep. But, I will still gladly ride the Incredicoaster as it is still one kick-butt coaster.

We had to quickly head back over to Disneyland proper to grab a spot for the brand new Mickey’s Mix Magic. Let me just say that if you if have issues with claustrophobia, seeing a brand new firework show on opening weekend is not for you.

Hey Mickey! I’m excited to see your new show! 😛

My opinion on Mickey’s Mix Magic: I loved it. It was seriously so much fun. And so much better than what we got last year with Pixar Fest in Together Forever. Mix Magic feels like a dance party.

I do think that this is show is not for everyone, however. I think that the old school Disneyland fans won’t like it. It uses classic Disney music and remixes it to give it a dance party feel. That being said, I really enjoyed it. I’d rate it a 8/10. Like I said earlier, so much better than Together Forever. Not quite as good as Remember Dreams Come True, in my opinion, however.

That’s all we got for you in today’s update. Thank you for taking the time to read it. See you all real soon! 🙂

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