Sea World Orlando Files Permits for 2020 Attraction!

Nick: Sea World has filed the first permits for their 2020 Project with the Orange County government. Let’s take a peek and see what we can uncover!

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The first building permit, filed on March 12th, called for “Site Work Only, Construction of electrical building and maintenance building with subsequent infrastructure“. While that doesn’t divulge too much about the project, it does at least confirm work on the 2020 attraction is underway!

Sea World Orlando 2020 Permit

Sea World Orlando 2020 Permit

Five more “Attraction 2020” permits were filed on March 18th for several other buildings and structures for the new attraction, including the main building, a locker building and a shade structure. Interestingly, the permit for the queue building is for alterations only, which means the queue for this attraction could use some of an existing building – but which one? Additionally, the total valuation for just the new buildings in this project is nearly seven million dollars, so it appears this could be quite a large addition to the park!

SWO 2020 Permits

SWO 2020 Building Costs

Unfortunately, not too much else can be gathered from the permits at this point… we still don’t know where in the park this attraction will be going, or what, exactly, it will be. However, late last year, a series of internal slides were leaked showcasing the new attractions Sea World Parks planned on adding in 2020. The attraction on the Sea World Orlando slide was listed as TBD, but it appears the leading candidate was a launched coaster with airtime and banked turns.

Considering these initial permits call for the addition of an electrical building, a maintenance building and a locker building, I’d say some kind of roller coaster coaster is pretty much a guarantee! Hopefully more permits will be filed in the coming weeks, so be sure to stay tuned to Coaster Kings for all the latest info!



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