Python Plunge Opens at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor

20160630_103502 (Medium)Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Los Angeles officially opened their newest slide complex today, the Python Plunge. The three new body slides are part of the Lizard Lagoon section of the park and offer great new family thrills. The three new slides join two older slides (that have been refurbished) to create a colorful new look for the entrance of the park, as this slide complex is located towards the very front. Let’s have a look, shall we?

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Instead of Six Flags Magic Mountain… let’s visit the neighboring Water Park today! (I went to Six Flags Magic Mountain later, a Park Update will follow on the site). 20160630_100355 (Medium) As soon as you enter the park you’re welcomed by a colorful background… which happens to be the reason I was here today 😉20160630_104012 (Medium) Here’s the front of the slide complex as you approach it. Immediately it becomes clear how much of a difference some color can make! Most of the park’s slides are white or black, and the slides that are now red and blue used to be grey. These slides now ‘pop’! 20160630_100625 (Medium) The structure also features a refurbished Lizard Lagoon sign, as well as a new Python Plunge sign!20160630_100720 (Medium) Here’s a look at the skim outs of the three slides, note that the park created a new concrete platform as this used to be a pool. 😀20160630_100858 (Medium) There’s balloons all around the slide structure as it was the official opening of the new slides. DJ Nel and Ricky Rocks were at hand to entertain today’s guests! 20160630_101049 (Medium) Before we take a closer look at the new slides, let’s note that Cabana Cove got a complete makeover too. Guests now reserve a cabana inside the private area, rather than at the locker center. 20160630_102011 (Medium) In addition I must add this is one of the nicest looking cabana areas at water parks, it’s like a private beach entirely separated from the rest of the park. There’s some wonderful theming as well. 20160630_103010 (Medium) 20160630_103152 (Medium) BUT… back to the new slides! Here’s a closer look at the structural repaint. The structure used to be brown and gray and is now a smooth-looking green! 20160630_103305 (Medium) Here’s the refurbished Lizard Lagoon sign I touched on earlier! 20160630_103314 (Medium) Guests seem to really enjoy the slides. The center drop slide is named Python Plunge and is open-air. 20160630_103127 (Medium) 20160630_102323 (Medium) 20160630_103130 (Medium) AWWW a turtle! There’s actually a wonderful amount of theming and landscaping in the area. Really making the Lizard Lagoon look fresh. A huge step in the right direction for the park. 20160630_100945 (Medium) Here’s a quick look at one of the older slides which has been repainted. 20160630_103249 (Medium) It is now the only slide in the complex to finish in a pool. 20160630_103230 (Medium) Here’s the other older slide, which has been repainted to be red. Which ends in a skim out as well. 20160630_103440 (Medium) 20160630_103331 (Medium) And then here are the three new stars at the park! 20160630_103349 (Medium) 20160630_103353 (Medium) Let’s start with Python Passage East. Which is the green slide. Note how the first two helices are on one side, and it then swings to the opposite side of the tower for a high-speed final helix below the blue Python Plunge slide. 20160630_101006 (Medium) 20160630_103339 (Medium) 20160630_103405 (Medium) This here being the final helix. Which is actually very intense and allows for some nice sliding up the walls! 20160630_103359 (Medium) Right above the green final helix we find the first two helices of Python Passage West! The blue Python Plunge slide! 20160630_103356 (Medium) It’s basically a mirrored version of the green slide, also featuring a kick-ass final helix!20160630_103343 (Medium) Overall the slides look lovely. They added some much needed color, and the Lizard Lagoon area is one of the best family areas I’ve seen at water parks. Offering family friendly and somewhat-thrilling slides as well as volleyball pool, and a recreational pool.20160630_103502 (Medium) The area also features some nice themed touches, landscaping and plenty of shaded seating. Make sure to visit Six Flags Hurricane Harbor LA soon! 20160630_103220 (Medium)

DSCN3273(edited) (Medium)Thank you for checking out this Python Plunge post! I also visited Six Flags Magic Mountain today, a park update is now LIVE for that! If you love water parks, make sure to check out out Raging Waters Los Angeles walk-through and reviews, and use our promo code for awesome ticket deals to visit!


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