Six Flags Magic Mountain Update – June 30th 2016

20160630_114010 (Medium)As I visited Hurricane Harbor for the opening of Python Plunge I also made my way over to Six Flags Magic Mountain for a park update. After being out of state for a week there was actually some stuff to update on! In this update we’ll take a quick look around the park, some July 4th Fest preparation, some ride operations, ride refurbishments, and more! 

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Let’s start with the fact that it was surprisingly busy! These pictures of the crazy lines at the ticket booths were taken as I left the park at noon. I didn’t even know this many people still bought tickets at the park. (Can’t remember the last time I did at least, online is the way to go personally. Though tourists may not have that luxury). 20160630_120119 (Medium)20160630_120121 (Medium)

Before entering the park you’re already getting in the mood for the fourth of July.20160630_104408 (Medium)

There’s a good amount of decorations all around the entrance gates, as well as the rest of the park for this weekend’s event.20160630_104418 (Medium)

Please note that this weekend the park is hosting three firework shows! On Saturday, Sunday, and of course Monday the 4th of July, Six Flags Magic Mountain hosts a huge firework show in the Full Throttle Plaza and the Six Flags Plaza. The show starts at 9:30PM each night! I absolutely loved it last year, in fact I went to two showings. I highly recommend you to come out to the park one of these nights. 20160630_104809 (Medium) 20160630_104814 (Medium) 20160630_104843 (Medium)

The same counts for Katy’s Kettle, where the building, signage, and stage have been decorated.20160630_110727 (Medium) 20160630_110646 (Medium)

Over at the Full Throttle Plaza the park installed a new sound and lightning control booth closer to the stage. 20160630_115809 (Medium)

Speaking of the stage, it’s been prepped with decorations for this week’s fireworks shows! 20160630_115804 (Medium)

Goliath was closed when I wanted to ride, and wanted to snap some pictures of the new advertising found on the ride. Sadly all I could snap was this picture of the new ads on the station building of Goliath. Speaking of Goliath… we rode Titan at Six Flags Over Texas last week and boy did we enjoy that ride! Read more about that here20160630_114818 (Medium)

Moving on to Tidal Wave… we received word that the ride is scheduled to reopen soon. 20160630_113714 (Medium)

The park is waiting on new parts to be installed, and we believe these parts have arrived. It’s only a question of time now… to see when they actually reopen it. 20160630_113726 (Medium)

The park is busy repainting the ride though, fences around the ride, as well as the bridge over the splashdown are currently being repainted. 20160630_113740 (Medium) 20160630_114259 (Medium) 20160630_114311 (Medium)

Behind Riddler’s Revenge a bunch of metal footer-fittings are located. I’m curious to see if Riddler’s Revenge’s footers are getting some TLC. Though I haven’t really seen any of this happen to other coasters before, so I doubt I’ll notice a clear difference. 20160630_113936 (Medium)

Though we can’t forget how wonderful of a ride The Riddler’s Revenge is. We absolutely love the layout and if you catch it on a good day it’s butter smooth as well!20160630_114010 (Medium)

Moving on to the nearby Johnny Rockets, the park placed back the actual switchbacks line for the food location, which has proven to be the most efficient way of dealing with crowds purchasing meals there. 20160630_114345 (Medium)

I was considering riding Green Lantern today… Who am I kidding? I’m not a fan of that ride at all. Luckily I did fall in love with its counter part at Six Flags Fiesta Texas. Their Batman: The Ride is an S&S Free Fly coaster and is just mindblowingly awesome. Read more about that here20160630_114521 (Medium)

As I passed by the Cyclone 500 line I noticed how incredibly sun bleached the structure and shade pad look. It’s time for some TLC over here.20160630_110204 (Medium)

Over at the the walls/fences surrounding the old Action Theater, more Greyhound ads have been placed, luckily the park also placed two benches in front of it. On hot days in Southern California ample seating is important. 20160630_110108 (Medium)

Looking at the Action Theater dirt lot, nothing has really changed over the past few weeks. The land has been leveled and all there’s left to do now is see construction start. 20160630_110025 (Medium)

As I was walking around Samurai Summit I realized how badly I wanted to visit the Sky Tower again. After spending quite some time on top of Oil Derrick, Sky Tower’s Texan counterpart, I really started hoping they reopen ours again in the future. 20160630_105548 (Medium)

By the way if you haven’t seen Kwerk yet… go do so! Lovely show! Also, here’s a friendly reminder to come to the July 4th Fest fireworks!20160630_114730 (Medium)

Twisted Colossus spent the last week or so running with just two trains. It did so as well this morning, creating long lines. The green and blue trains were the only two trains operational lately, as the orange one was taken out for refurbishment. 20160630_114910 (Medium)

Luckily around noon the purple train was cleared to be operated and taken off the storage tracks. Twisted Colossus is now again fully operational with three trains! 20160630_115010 (Medium)

Speaking of which, the landscaping surrounding Twisted Colossus is on point lately! 20160630_115106 (Medium)

We also passed The New Revolution today, and of course the ride was very popular again. Which got me thinking. There are other parks in the chain, such as Six Flags Over Texas, that have a VR line, and a non-VR line. Then they dispatch VR every other train, keeping capacity up and allowing guests that don’t wish to ride with VR to get on quicker. I personally believe there’s more than enough room for Six Flags Magic Mountain to also implement such thing, and I hope they do so soon. 20160630_112757 (Medium)

Look it’s Tatsu! 20160630_112501 (Medium)

And Viper! Which we hope to see running with Vekoma MK1212 trains in the future. Six Flags added these trains to Blue Hawk at Six Flags Over Georgia and they are a huge success. For those unfamiliar with the MK1212 trains, they are sleeker trains with vest restraints and have made many rough Vekoma and Arrow rides very enjoyable. 20160630_112437 (Medium)

Last but not least… X2 has reopened! After being closed for several days as it was waiting parts, it’s now back up and running! 20160630_112206 (Medium)

Let’s quickly hop on over to the neighboring water park: Six Flags Hurricane Harbor! 20160630_104012 (Medium)

The park just opened three new slides today! Python Plunge. The new slides are part of the remodeled Lizard Lagoon and overall the slides look lovely. They added some much needed color, and the Lizard Lagoon area is one of the best family areas I’ve seen at water parks. Offering family friendly and somewhat-thrilling slides as well as volleyball pool, and a recreational pool. For the full Python Plunge Report, please click here. 20160630_103502 (Medium)

DSCN3273(edited) (Medium)Thank you for checking out this Six Flags Magic Mountain Update! Check out our Python Plunge post featuring many pictures of the new slides and refurbished Lizard Lagoon! If you love water parks, make sure to check out out Raging Waters Los Angeles walk-through and reviews, and use our promo code for awesome ticket deals to visit!


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