Knott’s Berry Farm Update – February 4th, 2017

It was time to check out the progress made on Knott’s Berry Farm’s current projects, and of course catch a ride on GhostRider that reopened from a refurbishment. There turned out to be a lot to cover in this update, including changes being made to Montezooma’s Revenge, which is looking a lot like a complete repaint to turn the ride to its original gold look. 

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Time to visit the Farm! Don’t forget that Knott’s For The Cure is going on thru March 5th!

When at the park, why not take a selfie at the #KnottsPink photo op below the Silver Bullet Cobra Roll?!

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GhostRider reopened from a refurbishment today, and ran great! A big thanks to Knott’s for opening the ride about 25-30 minutes before park opening for guests to hop on. Always a great ride to square away as the lines get long. 

‘T was good to have the biggest wooden coaster in the state open again. Below you may able to catch where they did some structural refurbishing over the past few weeks. 

Silver Bullet was running a little ‘off’ (felt shakier than usual), but with two trains it was a walk-on. And… as you may know, I’m a big fan of the elements on this ride. 

On the “Two trains, but we don’t actually need two for capacity” list this weekend is… Pony Express!

Moving on to the Calico Park area, the Calico Railroad is closed through February 24th.

The refurbishment seems quite extensive as I saw multiple construction workers and the station is undergoing some serious TLC. 

These tracks shall not be traveled for a few more weeks…

The Timber Mountain Log Ride is closed for annual refurbishment ’til February 10th. Note that they’re replacing the conveyor belt on the first lift.

Which is stored inside the flume near the station. 

My favorite part of it all: the animatronics outside are still working!

Moving to the Boardwalk, the construction of the new Boardwalk BBQ is still in its early stages. 

As you can see, not much has been done besides the demolition of the previous restaurant and all the concrete surrounding it. 

Sky Cabin remains closed indefinitely after the evacuation a few weeks back. The cabin has been moving up and down the tower over the past weeks, so I assume they’re planning on reopening it soon. 

Sadly no one gets to enjoy the view from the top right now… 🙁

But guests DO get to enjoy the view from Supreme Scream! 

Xcelerator is STILL operating two trains. To my surprise. Let’s hope they can pull that off through the summer. 

Coast Rider was coastin’ well today. Except…

It was coasting over an empty pool. 

Once a year Knott’s seems to repaint the boardwalk pool to keep it a fresh blue. I expect that that may start soon. 

I wish more parks had such a brightly colored section in their park!

Speaking of brightly colored sections of parks. The existing slides at Knott’s Soak City have received repaints. The picture was taken from quite far away, so I apologize for the blurriness. 

Let’s move on to Fiesta Village, which (believe it or not) is the hot spot of the update! Behind these walls construction of the new Sol Spin top scan ride. Besides the giant footer, not much has changed. They’re still working on the foundation for the ride. 

The real excitement in Fiesta Village though… was not me having private rides (it was empty at the park) on Montezooma’s Revenge…

It’s the stripping of all the paint on the ride! 

It looks a lot like… A REPAINT! 

And not just any repaint. But it seems like the park is painting the beloved Shuttle Loop gold again! For now it’s little touches here and there. Such as the supports of the spike following the loop. 

Where one part of the track has already received new paint.

Oh hey Montezooma train! Enjoy the ride in action in the picture below, as it’ll be closed for maintenance (and hopefully the repaint) from February 6th to February 24th. 

The following picture should give you a bit of an idea of the current painting process on the supports and track. 

Let’s move on to the opposite spike, in Fiesta Village, where a lot more paint removal has already taken place and even some gold repainting seems to have been done.

I wonder if they’re keeping the rails and connectors green, or if that will be painted when there’s no train running over it in the next few weeks.

Here’s a look at the gold-yellow new paint, on most of the track in the next two pictures as well as the top of the supports! 

Let’s hope they paint the entire ride gold, as it originally was. It may look something like the picture below soon. 

The vertical loop on the ride has also been stripped from the green paint for the most part, and I’m already seeing yellow in several spots. I’m unsure whether that’s primer or old paint below. Looking at the top of the loop, I assume the brighter yellow is new primer below. 

It was hard to get a shot from the inside of the vertical loop, but there’s quite some yellow/gold to be found there as well!

Let’s finish this update with a quick shot of California’s largest Inverted Coaster, which still one of my favorite layouts anywhere; Silver Bullet!

Thanks for checking out this brand new Knott’s Berry Farm Update! Check back for more updates and articles later this weekend and next week! Check out our Worldwide Walt Disney Attractions TOP 20! You don’t want to miss it!

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  1. Hi there! I’m planning to visit SFMM and KBF with my Dad for my first time on the week of 8/21-8/25. SFMM’s hours that week are 10:30-6, which seems like a surprisingly short amount of time being Magic Mountain… Most schools are back in session by then but do you think the crowds will be small enough (0-15min even) for us to get on all the coasters, with some re-rides? Also for KBF, I assume that it should be mostly empty… Am I right? Thanks!

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