Horrorland: The New and Exciting Scream Park in Spain

Alex: One of the most exciting times for theme park fans is Halloween. It is the season where parks transform themselves to create the most terrifying experience to their guests. Even though its still far away, the preparations are well on its way. But something new is coming…

Every year, parks create bigger and better horror experiences due to the increasing popularity and demand. American parks lead the way on this matter, but European ones aren’t staying behind any longer. Events like Scarefest at Alton Towers, Halloween Fright Nights at Walibi Holland or Traumatica (ex-Horror Nights) at Europa-Park are perfect destinations if you’re a terror lover.

Source: Traumatic at Europa-Park

Especially in the UK, the so called “scream parks” are similar to these events but without being linked to a theme park. They are pure terror and feature horror mazes, scare zones, entertainment and food. The perfect way to spend the day if you’re willing to get scared.

The first scream park in the South of Europe

But a new player enters this game. This year and with the desire of bringing these huge events to Spain, the companies Horror Box and Insomnia Corporation, experts in horror making, have travelled all around the world to learn all about the craft. This week Horrorland was announced and it looks amazing!

Source: Horrorland Scream Park

The lineup of this new park consists of:

  • 5 horror mazes yet to reveal
  • scarezones
  • an escape room
  • an “extreme house”, which will be a 5 minute long individual experience in which actors will touch you. A light version of the world famous McKamey Manor
  • areas of games and food and drink

One of the main strenghts of this event in particular is the venue: an abandoned power plant in the middle of the mountains.

Source: Horrorbox (Youtube)

Growing interest in Spain

What can this new park offer? Well, during the last few years in the Spanish scene, Parque de Atracciones de Madrid have managed to attract interest with the growth of its Halloween event. This by wisely using IP’s and a good number of mazes, as well as park entertainment focused on a more adult target audience. But Spain misses one huge event for Halloween. PortAventura, the main park of the country, focuses on a more family friendly Halloween, which might fall short for terror seekers.

Therefore, Horror Box and Insomnia Corp try to cover this gap with this ambitious project. Following the steps of the American models, I’m sure Spanish theme parks will be paying close attention to the evolution of this project, which is a totally new concept for Spaniards.

Source: Horrorbox on Youtube

I personally can’t wait to experience this new park. Last year I went for the first time to a horror event and I was blown away by Traumatica in Europa-Park. That’s why I’m eager to try new Halloween events and this looks like the perfect opportunity! In my opinion Horrorland is an ambitious proposal that wants to become the Halloween event what Spanish parks have not dared to be.

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