Holiday in the Park at Six Flags Magic Mountain – 2017

Sean: Another year of Holiday in the Park at Six Flags Magic Mountain! Year after year this event proves to be one of my very favorite Holiday events due to the park’s unique approach with lots of color and unique entertainment! Let’s take a look at what the event has to offer, shall we?

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Upon entering the park it immediately becomes clear that unlike most events, Six Flags Magic Mountain just loves color! The park’s Main Plaza is decked out in a variety of colors topped with white lights high in the trees. 

Guests are greeted by an acapella group that brings a new twist to well-known Holiday songs. 

Skipping around the park to one of my favorite areas, we’re headed to the Gleampunk District, which features a great combination of green and blue lights and amazing scenery pieces. 

I am so excited for the amount of effort the park has put into keeping the area of the park very steampunk-y during all of the different events. Here’s one of many great scenery pieces:

The Gleampunk District also features the event’s indoor show: Kwerkmas, a Holiday spin on the acrobatics show: Kwerk. A great offering for the Holiday season that other parks don’t seem to have.

New this year is Fire + Ice at the Metro Park Pub. 

The Metro Park Pub is nicely decorated with a large Christmas tree in the center of the Pub. The pub offers life entertainment, s’mores, characters, holiday mixed drinks, brews, and food options. 

In addition the park did a nice job of making the area feel nice and subtle with plenty of white christmas lights. 

The acapella carolers move between the front of the park and Fire + Ice to perform for guests. 

Rockin’ Universe has also returned this year. Every 15 minutes one of three different synchronized light shows takes place. The show takes place throughout all of DC Universe and is still one of the largest light shows on the West Coast!

Another show at the park would be Snowy Nights in Full Throttle Plaza, with modern theming, live music and performers. 

Back to the Main Plaza, where we see the giant Christmas tree fountain that changes colors. 

This is one of the four areas of the park where Six Flags Magic Mountain uses faux snow! 

Unlike most events, Holiday in the Park let’s it “snow” all through the night in the four areas of the park (Gleampunk District, Snowy Nights, Winter Wonderland, and the Main Plaza). <3 

I also appreciate that this event is not holiday or religion specific and features theming and music of all types!

The New Revolution is currently equipped with the Santa’s Wild Sleigh Ride VR. A VR I very much liked last year. 

In addition the loop colors up nicely when the train runs through! 

The next area of the park we’ll be looking at is Santa’s Workshop!

Candycane themed lighting and photo-ops with Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus is not all that the area has to offer!

The theming is particularly on point in this section of the park! 

And there are plenty of family entertainment options and great food at Mrs. Claus’ kitchen!

Right next door we find the final section of Holiday in the Park: Winter Wonderland! Which features a sleek white and snow themed design. 

The area features snow fall, characters and “snow/ice sculptures”!

Let’s finish off the report with one last shot of one of my favorite scenery pieces! Holiday in the Park has a lot to offer, from amazing entertainment to a ton of special limited-time-only food options, as well as great sections of the park filled with Holiday lights. I truly advise all of our readers to visit Holiday in the Park at Six Flags Magic Mountain, as the event is just simply so different from other Holiday events.

Thank you for checking out this Holiday in the Park report! We’ll have Merry Farm and WinterFest reports coming soon! For now check out our brand new HangTime Update from yesterday, as well as our Six Flags St. Louis Trip Report!

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