CraZanity Update at Six Flags Magic Mountain – November 21st 2017

Sean: It’s time for a quick CraZanity update! I stopped by the park quickly today for a ride on my beloved Viper and since many of our readers asked, created a quick CraZanity update for you all! Enjoy! 

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Let’s start quickly with the fact that all around the entrance to the park and parking lot trees have been cut down. Visitors may recall that tall trees lined Magic Mountain Parkway and the road to the parking booths and parking lot. All of which have been cut down.

Parking lanes:

Even past the booths all trees have been removed. Makes me wonder if this is also for housing development or if the future of the park/resort is using that land. 

Anyways, told you all that I came in to ride Viper real quick, and so I did! By now our readers are probably aware that I just can not get enough of this classic Arrow looper. 

Alright, let’s head over to the new Boardwalk Area and see what’s happening construction wise! Firs up, Sand Blasters is to receive a full makeover with added effects, as you may know. 

Sand Blasters is still open, but seems to be using only minimal vehicles. I wonder when it’ll close and what exactly the park is adding. 

It for sure needs some paint, but really I hope the retro looking colors and patterns stay, it would fit the boardwalk theme! 

Inside the viewing area though, it’s a bit of a mess. They should tear this up and replace the wood and add new seating arrangements to make it look more appealing. 

And then now… the complete removal of the Metro track and the station, leaving a plot of land that is being leveled for CraZanity to be placed on. 

More trees have been cut, but at leas the trees over the midway remain!

The ride will actually swing a 170 feet up into the air. There was confusion whether CraZanity was just a regular Zamperla Giant Discovery model but the park is receiving a custom sized one to break the record. 

Here’s a better look at the plot of land that will house CraZanity, from the looks of it, the planters on the midway will remain and the new ride will be located very closely to Superman: Escape From Krypton.

Johnny Rockets will soon receive a makeover, but the park is keeping it open during the current construction. There are several signs around the area to remind you. 

LOOK HOW VISIBLE THE SUPERMAN TRACK IS! I am not going to lie, it will be a fantastic experience swinging high above Superman’s launch track and hearing/seeing the Superman vehicles rush by. 

With the removal of the trees it has become very clear how elevated some of the Superman track is due to the terrain below! 

There are quite some walls up around the area, and the park is moving very quickly with construction. I have high hopes for the final product of the Boardwalk. 

Here’s a shot of Johnny Rockets that’ll soon be repainted in flashier colors. 

The CraZanity pendulum will swing out quite far, thus the tree removal stretches all the way behind Johnny Rockets. This will be an awesome food location to watch CraZanity from. 

Last but not least, with the removal of the Metro track, it was fun seeing some of the last pieces still standing behind the new Boardwalk area, I hope this bit of the metro will remain in tact for a few more years!

For all CraZanity and Boardwalk details, click here! 

Thank you for checking out this quick report! Holiday in the Park has started and we were there to experience it! Make sure to check out the report, here! We’ll have Merry Farm and WinterFest reports coming soon! For now check out our brand new HangTime Update, as well as our Six Flags St. Louis Trip Report!

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