Disneyland Resort Update – August 28, 2018

Alright! Time to check back in at Disneyland.

You know crowds are light when you can walk down Main Street USA without getting elbowed in the eye.

Matterhorn is getting some major offseason lovin’, so no rides for us today.

Adventureland is also getting some much-needed love!

Can’t WAIT to see how Tropical Hideaway turns out!

It’s that time of year again; Haunted Mansion is becoming Haunted Mansion Holiday as we speak!

Quick! Let’s snag a ride on Splash Mountain before it breaks down!


Since we were spending all day at the resort, we decided to do MaxPass. Since MaxPass includes PhotoPass, we decided to sit in the front seat of Splash Mountain for a picture!

The picture turned out great; the ride turned out wet. Probably my first and last time in the front seat of Splash, but definitely worth the experience!

I SEE YOU, PIRATES! You’re almost ready for FastPass!

Definitely a fan of the new scenes. I do miss the old one, but I like this better.

Redd is a badass and I want to be her friend.

I think it’s time for some Big Thunder!

With Incredicoaster‘s new launch system creating tons of operational hiccups, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is once again the coaster capacity juggernaut of Disneyland Resort.

Even on busy days, you’ll rarely see a line longer than 45min for the Wildest Ride in the Wilderness.

It’s just a lovely ride in general tbh.

The splashdown is so cute. I’m sure it was impressive in 1979, but these days it’s more precious than impressive.


Just kidding! Today it’s classic Space Mountain.

If you look closely, you can see work being done in Matterhorn’s tunnel on the bottom left.

Next we climbed Tarzan’s Treehouse to catch some more glimpses of Galaxy’s Edge.

It’s gonna be beautiful!

One more!


Sean and I rode Indiana Jones and lost the camera bag with ALL THE STUFF inside! Camera! Phones! My wallet! etc. We told the ride ops, Guest Services, and Lost & Found. We filled out the appropriate paperwork. We waited.

We decided to ride Indy again “just to see if we could at least see the bag”, and sure enough, we did! It was chillin in the bone room near the beginning of the ride! Since a cast member wouldn’t be able to retrieve it for us into the ride either A) broke down or B) closed for the night, we just went about our evening until one of those two things happened.

To the total surprise of everyone, Indy never did break down, but lucky our bag was retrieved shortly after park closing and was returned totally intact!


And with that happy ending this Disneyland Resort Update comes to an end! Thank you for reading! We have lots of new content live so make sure to check out the following reports:

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