Disneyland Resort Update – August 28, 2018

Alexander: After spending an evening at Disneyland Park last week, we decided to devote an entire day to Disneyland Resort this week! There’s SO MUCH new stuff to see!

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It’s finally time to check out Incredicoaster.

I’ll just go ahead and say that I’m neutral about it. California Screamin’ had problems; Incredicoaster solved some problems and created some new ones. I’d say things pretty much broke even.

What would be nice is a commitment to adding additional details to the ride; the scales will tip in the favor of Incredicoaster if the address some of the ride’s more glaring shortcomings (only a partial re-paint, underdeveloped ride effects).

There are things I do love, though; The scenes at the beginning and end of the ride are fun and the dialogue (particularly Edna Mode) is good. Still disappointed that the enclosed final brake run was scrapped, but what we have now is at least an improvement. 

Claiming that Pixar Pier “opened” in June would imply that the area is complete; alas the mere reopening of Incredicoaster was apparently enough to “open” the area. Meanwhile, nearly half of the area’s attractions are still in progress. 

A single FastPass center for all Pixar Pier rides is definitely a move in the right direction. 

While impressions of the area’s rides are mixed, reviews of the various food and shopping options are almost completely positive. 

The quickest way to the heart of an annual passholder is with Instagram-worthy snacks and merch, and Pixar Pier has that in spades. 

That’s a key difference between Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort; the former moves to entice vacationers, the latter aims at making passholders out of locals.

Locals may lose interest in Incredicoaster after a few months, but Bing Bong’s Sweet Stuff and Adorable Snowman’s Frozen Treats will draw substantial crowds for years to come. 

Paradise Pier already had an impressive roster of food options, but Pixar Pier really kicked the variety into overdrive.

Woohoo! Candy tears!

An amazing selection of new and classic sweets festoon Bing Bong’s Sweet Stuff, as well as an extensive menu of “Memory Refreshers” (novelty slushy  parfaits).

As soon as Flik’s Fun Fair closes its doors on Sept 3rd, work will begin on transforming Flik’s Flyers into Inside Out Emotional Whirlwind.

What’s left of old Paradise Pier (now “Paradise Gardens Park”) suffers from a nasty case of identity crisis. The painfully irrelevant Paradise Pier Hotel looms beyond Golden Zephyr, whose once-proud marquee now only reads “Paradise”.

The unpainted western side of Incredicoaster serves as the border between two incomplete areas that once comprised a substantive whole. 

I don’t think Goofy’s Sky School is long for this world; in fact, anything in Paradise Gardens Park is probably fair game at this point. Jumping Jellyfish is a glimmer of 2001-era California Adventure innoffensive enough to survive all these years despite never feeling totally appropriate for the park, and Zephyr, while pretty, is easily the most forgettable ride in the park. Only Silly Symphony Swings and Little Mermaid seem to have legs for the future.

Grizzly River Run is now our favorite ride in the park given Incredicoaster’s newfound struggles. River probably always deserved that designation anyway.

As fans of Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission – BREAKOUT, its safe to say that our frustrations with Incredicoaster come from the standard set by this seamless attraction conversion.

While Guardians quickly made us forget about Tower of TerrorIncredicoaster feels like California Screamin’s flimsy superhero alter-ego, with a “secret idenity” still plainly visible. 

Our little Hollywood may not be long for this world once Phase 1 Marvel stuff is complete. Spiderman coaster, anyone?

Get a good look now! This thing is about to get a dramatic makeover!

I’ve genuinely very sad about Chew Chew Train. There’s something really substantial and clever about this ride.

I’ll miss Bugs Land in general, but if there was somehow a way to save Chew Chew Train, it’d be a much easier pill to swallow.

Bugs Land served as California Adventure’s first post-opening expansion, and quickly became one of the park’s most successful qualities.

At the time, it was safe to say that more care and attention to detail went into this area than the entire rest of California Adventure. 

Now that the park has largely righted itself, Bugs Land merely blends in with the park’s other successful environs. 

Let it never be forgotten that Bugs Land was the first area in DCA built that didn’t need to be “fixed”. Alas, the insect lifespan is only so long.

Soon it’ll be reduced to nothing more than Radiator Springs Racers FastPass distribution, and then nothing at all.

Goodnight, sweet princess.

Alright! Enough sentiment! Back to business!

Mobile Ordering has now launched throughout Disneyland Resort! Lucky Fortune Cookery is one of my favorite lunch spots on property; I’ll have to try it out next time!

Radiator Springs Racers still slaps. There’s just no getting your fill of this marvelous creation.

Sean and I have a theory that a clone of Cars Land will anchor the 2nd gate at Shanghai Disneyland. Cars is one of the most successful western franchises in China, and Shanghai Disney currently lacks an American Southwest-themed area despite the county’s fascination with stereotypical Americana. 

Plus, like Tron Lightcycle Power Run, Radiator Springs Racers is just too good to do only once; if not Shanghai, then where??

Let’s continue at Disneyland in part 2 of the update! Continue reading

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