Copperhead Strike – New at Carowinds in 2019!

Nick: After months of teasing, Carowinds has finally revealed their 2019 additions, and the headlining attraction is Copperhead Strike, a Mack Rides Double Launch coaster! Let’s launch into all the details!

Blue Ridge Junction

The coaster will be the main attraction of a new 7-acre themed area called Blue Ridge Junction. This new area takes its inspiration from the majestic landscapes, vibrant colors and undeniable charm of the Blue Ridge Mountains region of North and South Carolina. It will also be home to the Blue Ridge Country Kitchen – previously called the Wings restaurant, this completely re-themed dining location will have an all new menu featuring delicious rotisserie chicken and other farm-fresh goodness inspired by the mountains of the Carolinas.

Blue Ridge Country Kitchen

Copperhead Strike

Themed to a backwoods jam operation run by Granny Byrd, riders will sneak into her shed (while being sure to watch out for the copperhead snakes that inhabit the area!) to try and steal her secret recipe, only to discover she’s not making jam, she’s brewing something with a bit more bite! When Granny realizes someone’s in her shed, it’s time to high-tail it out of there, launching from 0 to 42 miles per hour in 2.5 seconds!

Launch From Shed

Copperhead Strike will be the first double launch coaster in the Carolinas and have a total of 5 inversions, more than any other double launch coaster in North America. Check out the full ride stats and a POV below!

Copperhead Strike Layout

Ride Stats

Coaster Type: Double Launch coaster
Launching System: Linear Synchron Motor (LSM)
Number of Launches: 2
First Launch: From 0 to 42 mph in 2.5 seconds
Second Launch: From 35 mph to 50 mph in 2 seconds
Track Length: 3,255 feet
Number of Inversions: 5
Duration: 2 minutes, 24 seconds
Height Requirement: 52″
Trains: 3
Riders per Train: 16
Amount of Steel Used: 530 tons
Ride Manufacturer: MACK Rides GmbH & Co KG, Waldkirch, Germany


Check out all the details on Carowinds’ 2019 additions by clicking here to go to their website!

So, what do you think of Copperhead Strike? I know I’ll definitely be making a trip up to Carowinds next summer to check it out!


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