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fp4B62F5ZON-LvouHrK7KZjJuKXIYpEdiQTYV9QeFgQK_nl4ugnv6PoRWB0IhZlrJrZmDg=s2048Well we’re back at Disneyland after a small hiatus, but don’t worry there’s plenty to update on! First week for Season of the Force and the Holidays at the Disneyland Resort combined with the never-ending Diamond Celebration equals a recipe for a sight to behold! Nonetheless we’ll get to our update of the recent changes and review of the much anticipated Hyperspace Mountain.

fp4B62F5ZON-LvouHrK7KZjJuKXIYpEdiQTYV9QeFgQK_nl4ugnv6PoRWB0IhZlrJrZmDg=s2048To start off, it was necessary to get to Disneyland early if one was to enjoy both the holidays and new Star Wars additions to the park. There was a mad rush for Hyperspace, after entering the park at 8:08 (nothing close to what happened for coaster enthusiasts running to Twisted Colossus over the summer, yet still a rush nonetheless), the line was already 45 minutes just eight minutes after park opening!! Well, to be honest, the line was only 25 minutes. The fastpass line; however, formed a line similar to the one Radiator Springs Racers had after it immediately opened. The line was sooo long that it went past Pizza Port and caused a lot of confusion about which line to enter as well as unnecessary foot traffic. For the first few hours crowds were still not as heavy since Star Wars Launch Bay and Super Hero HQ didn’t open until 10. Speaking of the former Innoventions building…LsBma561mdfERFFl7bPlkTYLdKIF-SwM7AwCqcSu5vLk65rbqPnJR26LfkNhxriqyidx0Q=s2048 JXbEbPZM_rV2anT_hkFl24eCa6W3onrO0nT7NtKU1-06p1IQxBHk6Zwlqthgdqk3pQArJA=s2048

One could sort of choose their own path with Star Wars Launch Bay on the bottom level with the Super Hero HQ on the upper floor. There was an entrance to meet and greet the characters Darth Vader and Chewbacca or go straight into the building itself. Since the meet and greet for the Stars Wars characters was an hour, our “path” was to go into the building. Once inside, I was immersed with everything, antique and artifact, Star Wars. This included mini-replicas of TIE fighters, the Millennium Falcon, and material from the upcoming movie such as the character Rey.Q-GCjzxJ86ROdhntIEHD8ZwMnuS3sRqLxmvaLHCs_dTE1eX-XGGf45m491s7QT-2lhJesw=s2048 loPNQpZjKxWeSwU8__tAdNUT3Pg-8x_Je8FE-r1s2vVuJGAenshaWIdAej5i8nZ-LHVA0A=s2048 U5rnNhWoNi9q0uxXh_DfKfucy1OEGyQLTxSQOmc8qlwn4NtHlYNsrahiAdJ7g4U6rg3ibg=s2048

Also inside the Launch Bay was a mini documentary which included the directors and producers for the next two Star Wars film about the inspiration behind the original Star Wars films.JXbEbPZM_rV2anT_hkFl24eCa6W3onrO0nT7NtKU1-06p1IQxBHk6Zwlqthgdqk3pQArJA=s2048

The Launch Bay incorporated more collectibles and information for the movies within the lines for the meet and greet characters. Sadly, the Cantina was closed so our calling was upstairs. Remember all those games that used to be in Innoventions? Yeah they’re all gone. Well most are gone except for the Disney Infinity series and Iron Man’s virtual version of trying on his armor. While the bottom floor was pretty dark, Super Hero HQ was lit up significantly more. With Iron Man’s Hall of Armor and a dedication to Thor, there seemed to lack a presence of Captain America (apparently he was on a mission…maybe to go find the Hulk aha!). The Vault held artifacts as well with the special meet and greet being Spiderman.TeQNFSHjr5LxSlOvP87gr8EGi4tMRfB-5XZj_iyyIGH2-CM7FRHCXNAb9WP_OcONaT3Wxg=s2048 xTsOD5dEnC0r2N03PWeL288ZyBUYHRd8d-PZyxD6YV7sIWQXT2Rgu1M1fikTAEDKWKb0Fg=s2048 iMPabA4GE_jgT7T7ov3cm13Lb7QhKwi_779KcDgapRrtsdfkJ-gFx-eQiWZ5TsrkfQlyrQ=s2048

Overall, Disney did a nice renovation to Innoventions and this is definitely on the checklist for Season of the Force enthusiasts. Of course last weekend marked the beginning of the holiday season at the Disneyland Resort. The lights around the park are always spectacular and this year they did not disappoint especially with the annual transformation of Small World.ZvdcpfuCzoicvyArbSCzqAyu17QuqpPqgMtbaHYi4s0b3cLmjj9PlTbw4daxSsbbUnnkwA=s2048 7UM6360b9fHNocDV_bR-2hHGx7D8QpAT3S7jmG8Odvr8ZrVwrr3aeEW8VfaVt96LXsy3tQ=s2048 c_xEr3BB2iSpILNkeC2vgOJOsRDJDNjyqbxbC77-Cv4lB6ltcLSbv8z__OEfmOpFQfbvlg=s2048 UWuKUpTzEh5G_elFA-rWF4VxIeze-IZLOFQbUuXGhoBEtfag7YdFNF9Ox8Fi-r0JJmkdeg=s2048

Don’t discount the Christmas tree that stands in the front of the park as well. Magnificent! Also, we caught a quick glimpse of the Christmas parade as well.Pc-rgAR-RMxhDH_HOokccSjtnBwcBTEwjW7IUxN4t1HB8lvYaDbfbrdU8dnt-39M9j-wTw=s2048 VDGQyACQfXz12YhkgsY4uFIpTuxcWsZo8nd_diCsryiJkUT2CED00wE2iHdFDgPrLTxPcg=s2048

As the day wore on into night, the Season of the Force came to life. Flags were raised with one side raised for the Dark Side and the other side represented both former and new heroes from the new upcoming film.I50oC4pdKHqAOnG61OAKtjtXdnFoLL_fK4Od7NkN7WMvppsOT9OKQBu-L8FxNDn6goZKow=s2048 iO5JIj4LSa0U8kJXpQEUxwspfOfKGdbeNZRh9XD6rqHJ0VZByb8-z1xZ6a4z8rMrYAgzbw=s2048 20mP_4jRlTxYe-oRKfB-pWEBli3t2BPV6PBDlt5Xr7OOCe50xecbS8ZJi-MPnIyOX62AKA=s2048

Even a couple of Stormtroopers came out to play. They even walked up to random individuals minding their own business and discussed the New Order with them.yTb2oqcrQPpYoIyHf3tUV9voqZ4QpjUL3zFOrJ60R8Pabq7qJ-ZVwBNPs8yl_Ly-7U4bfA=s2048

Next to Hyperspace Mountain, the theater was occupied by Star Wars: Path of the Jedi. It’s a nice addition as the short “movie” plays clips from the first six movies and culminates with a trailer from The Force Awakens.OCLWPmseRiRNT5NWb6f12kMVZE0PkEVPxXR12AGxRsIe1P0K3rsCI39oL4Kvp-Rkgpvbfw=s2048

Okay…Okay. That’s it. Oh Hyperspace Mountain? One Word: Awesome!!!! On a more serious note, Hyperspace Mountain was absolutely amazing with new theming within the stand-by line and right before riders board.3JKrnED_s-V3QKeRxTyMeuqZIK-BJAJsK2FPKR0BaL0Il47kdWm3ilxN3FTivrd2CdbZVw=s2048 yV6ftLLcDZryApScCI9mMPPly3B-ahROrhRGVT2CQk1lFwLobKs8IN7_J60cyUAKETreiw=s2048

Riders are greeted in the pre-ride video throughout the line by Admiral Akbar describing a disturbance and to meet up for a reconnaissance mission based around the planet Jakku. This is all the info riders are given before they get on. Once released from the station and into the tunnel, the cars immediately start blasting with the classic Star Wars music we all love. Also in the speakers we can hear Admiral Akbar telling us to jump into hyperspace where TIE fighters await. As Akbar and the others discuss the situation, you can hear the pilot retort that we’re going in! After that, the adventure begins weaving in and out of turns. Fending off the enemy Star Destroyer and TIE fighters take the whole journey until the final blow. The cars ride swiftly by evading enemy shots seemingly giving the ride a quicker pace than usual. The ride lights up a little at certain points allowing the riders to see the track somewhat during a few turns. MOST IMPORTANTLY, Hyperspace Mountain is outstanding and an immediate must do on everyone’s checklist. To be honest, it might be here to stay for quite awhile, but we’ll just wait for what the future holds.cmTveW0M1NEuiXa1-RCy7JSeaPuYApTT3sYC7eZBjkkD2xTuJw3EOIpI50UpSYAlgq5XOg=s2048

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