Central Florida Coaster Construction + Testing – Mid-December 2020

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The third project of this report is the one I am personally most excited for! Universal Orlando Resort’s brand new Intamin launch coaster. We have published a few reports with testing pictures and videos, below find more pictures from today as well as information on further project developments:

We’ll start off with some changes around the project, including even more new landscaping having been added. The majority of the coaster’s buildings are now covered up by an array of trees and plant life.

The lights on the exterior of the ‘velociraptor enclosure’ remain on during operating hours now, while some on top of the fencing have yet to be turned on.

To help blur the lines between the area being Jurassic Park but the ride being Jurassic World, the ride intentionally uses only the franchise’s emblem and besides the ride name does not mention the Jurassic World franchise.

From Camp Jurassic you get some nice views of the new coaster. By the time we made our way over here, it had unfortunately started raining and we didn’t get trains in action. Next time!

On the back side of the coaster we noticed the new wall behind the Mythos having been finished:

And now on to testing! From the queue you will be able to see trains launch through the tunnel!

They were only testing trains without a nose today (like our last two updates). One day I will get here and actually snap shots of the trains with their awesome front pieces!

We’re also excited to eventually see all the light fixtures on the trains working!

Here’s a quick look at the ride’s signature 47.2m tall Top Hat:

Check out that launch in action:

As even more vegetation is added around the new coaster, it really starts to disappear:

I can’t wait for the stall:

We may not have the cool looking nose in today’s update, but the backs of the trains are quite pretty as well!

The walls on the bridge were removed a few weeks ago. I can’t wait to walk across the bridge and get shots of the coaster in action:

Here are a few more closeups of the Intamin coaster in action:

My personal favorite so far (off-ride) is the final roll over the park’s center lagoon:

We’ll throw in one more shot of the impressive looking Top Hat!

We’ll wrap up the update with festive string lights over by the Toon Lagoon pathways by the water, which totally give us holiday vibes:

Stay safe and healthy this holiday season so you can ride Jurassic World: VelociCoaster next summer!

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