Asia Coaster News – Mid-December 2020

Welcome to our second news installment taking a look at some projects throughout Asia. In the past all of our Asia content on the site has been related to our own trips to these parks. Now we’re expanding information on new projects beyond our Facebook pages in site updates. Enjoy this update of Asia Coaster News.

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Fuji-Q Highland (Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi, Japan)

We’ll start with the exciting news from Fuji-Q Highland today! They announced their new Fujiyama – King of Coasters Tower! In the first turnaround of the Togo hyper coaster, Fuji-Q Highland will be constructing an observation tower home to several experiences!

The main attraction is the observatory: “Fujiyama – King of Coasters Sky Deck”. This will be THE spot to observe mount Fuji in the distance!

The next is a skywalk type activity “Fujiyama – King of Coasters Walk” which will hover above terrifying looking slide named: “Fujiyama – King of Coasters slider”.

More details can be found on the Fuji-Q Highland website!

The rest of update will coincide with a map of China, the numbers on the map will correspond with the topics/projects below!

1. Jinan Sunac Cultural Tourism City (Licheng, Jinan, Shandong, China)

Jinan Sunac Cultural Tourism City is the next installation in the variety of Sunac China Holdings Ltd. parks. This park will be home to both an indoor and outdoor section, the outdoor part hosting three roller coasters.

The most notable one will be a Gravity Group wooden coaster with a height of 23 meters, a speed of 74 km/h and length of 802 meters. This project does have a unique layout and looks awesome so far!

The indoor section will also be home to a water park: Thanks to VHCoasters and ThemeparX for reporting on this!

2. Forest World (Suzhou, Jiangsu, China)

This new MACK Rides launch coaster coming to Forest World in Suzhou has been featured in our other recent Asia updates as well! The 62 meters tall coaster is the tallest MACK coaster yet and will feature impressive acrobatics, including a Top Hat, Immelman, Cobra Roll, Vertical Loop and several intense ejector-airtime hills. Here’s the latest construction shot thanks to Roller Coaster Master:

3. Window of the World Changsha (Changsha, Hunan, China)

It wasn’t until recently that I realized there was another brand new S&S Launch Coaster under construction in China. This year saw the opening of a new S&S launch coaster at Sun Tzu Cultural Park in the Shandong province, but there is another one under construction with an awesome looking layout. Though specs are unknown at this time, it does look very fun! Thanks to Roller Coaster Master for these images:

4. Universal Studios Beijing

We’ll address a few fun things over at the new Universal Beijing Resort! Starting with the Super Silly Funland/ Minion Land, an indoor family area based on the minions and Despicable Me franchise. This area is home to a family coaster, of which you can see the theming here:

Given this is Universal’s first shot at adding a Wizarding World of Harry Potter as part of a new park, they finally also had the chance to keep expansion space open next to the new land. I wonder if and when we’ll see the next big Potter expansion after Beijing’s opening:

For the coaster nerds among us, we’ll take a look at some of the differences between the original Incredible Hulk coaster at Universal Orlando Resort and DeceptiCoaster in Beijing. Given that the new version of the layout is 22 years younger and has wider trains, there are a few fun changes such as the larger helix into the mid-course brakes:

As well as obvious height differences in elements. As where the first corkscrew in Orlando starts above the queue house, the one in Beijing looks more like a Zero-G-Roll and starts close to the ground:

Here’s a zoomed in aerial shot of Hulk to help you see the differences:

We can’t wait to check out this version, hopefully within the next few years: Thanks to the contributors on ThemeparX for these images!

5. Hainan Ocean Paradise (Lingshui, Hainan, China)

This new marine life theme park is home to the 2nd coming of Hersheypark’s Fahrenheit! While we never expected to see a vertical lift Intamin looper again, this park is home to a brand new one named Barracuda:

The coaster has 5 inversions, including a Vertical Loop, Immelman, Cobra Roll, and Corkscrew:

The park will also be home to an array of other attractions with a mix in quality when it comes to theming:

The center lagoon of Hainan Ocean Paradise will be home to a fountain show: Thanks to the contributors on ThemeparX for these images!

6. Chimelong Marine Science Park (Zhuhai, Guangdong, China)

The 2nd gate to the infamous Chimelong Ocean Kingdom is South China is coming along nicely. Despite being delayed due to covid-19, the project’s details are coming to life! We’ll start off with a look at the exterior of the massive indoor theme park. This park stretches the length of the existing gate and will house several major areas as well as a multi-hour aquarium walkthrough and marquee killer whale exhibit:

The majority of the resort’s attractions are connected by pathways. In order to get to the new park however, you will have to cross a major service road. The walkway will be stunning:

Once inside we have gotten to the fun part of construction, all the detail that foes into the gate. We expect nothing less from this park after we fell in love with the Chimelong Ocean Kingdom next door:

As the exterior of the building would suggest, the park is quite a modern master piece. Big LED screens and curtains are being added into the park’s massive structures.

Several of these large halls make up the second level of the experience. The lower levels will house the aquariums inspired by environments from around the world. For more pictures from inside the new park, check out our previous Asia update. Thanks to the contributors on ThemeparX for these images!

7. Hong Kong Disneyland (Lantau Island, Hong Kong)

Construction on the park’s new Frozen Land continues! The area will be home to both a dark ride (think EPCOT) and a Vekoma family coaster themed to Oaken. The land’s entrance (much like the way to it’s a small world) pass under the Hong Kong Disneyland Railroad:

I’m excited that this version of the land is not only the first, but also the largest! Expect the smaller version to open in Paris a few years after the Hong Kong one is done.

The small lagoon will be in the middle of the land with the dark ride off to the right of the image and the roller coaster can be seen in the foreground:

Though I never ranked the park particularly high because I felt it needed more, this area will really make my next visit a ton of fun: Thanks to Disney Magical Kingdom Blog and ThemeparX for these images.

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