10 Amazing Coaster Snow Shots from around Europe

All over Europe people are waking up and looking out the window to see snow on the ground. Although parks are shut, thankfully there are still people around to take photos of our favorite places all dressed in white!

We have found our favorites from this last week to show you!

Europa-Park, Germany

Europa-Park is stunning on any day of the week but it is especially special when covered in snow. Imaging taking a walk through the park and getting to see all this wonder! Original post.

Plopsaland de Panne, Belgium

Oh these pictures just make me so happy! The Ride to Happiness is due to open this year at Plopsaland and it looks beautiful in its new white colour. Original post.

Efteling, Netherlands

As if Efteling could be any more beautiful, it snows! My heart absolutely melts for this park on any day but it’s even cuter covered in snow! Taking a walk through the fairytale forest would just be so much more enchanting! Original post.

Walygator Parc, France

Over to France now to Walygator Parc and some more beautiful images! This is Anaconda snaking through the snow! Original post.

Fraispertuis Park, France

Staying in France and a visit to Fraispertuis Park! Here The Grand Canyon and Golden Driller settled in the snow! Original post.

Heide Park, Germany

Some stunning photos from Heide Park in Germany! Here is the mighty Colossos after a dusting of snow. Original post.

Alton Towers, England

Snow is falling, all around me…. (Well not here as I live in the south of England) But up north a little it has snowed! Alton Tower’s famous Wickerman is usually in flames but here it is covered in snow! Original post.

Energylandia, Poland

The magnificent entrance to Energylandia is pretty impressive! This huge theme park is looking beautiful. Original post.

Legendia, Poland

Staying in Poland to Legendia! This cute and beautiful park not far from Energylandia is certainly worth a visit! Original post.

Parque Warner, Spain

Parque Warner in Madrid doesn’t very often get snow! So its a huge surprise to see it sprinkled in snow. Original post.

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