Hong Kong’s Ocean Park Dragon to be Among 7 Attractions to be Removed in Effort to Relaunch Park.

Hong Kong’s Ocean Park has received 5.4 billion Yuan from the Hong Kong government to revitalize the park and stabilize their income. The park is restructuring to a free admission model with upcharge attractions and experiences. The new project will provide several businesses access to the park and create a cultural experience zone that no longer reflects the usual theme park business model. This new business model is designed to compliment Disney’s struggling Hong Kong theme park . Unfortunately, this change comes with retirement of several beloved attractions and experiences including Dragon, the park’s Arrow looping coaster.

Ocean Park’s new model will feature new upcharge attractions like ziplining. To minimize maintenance costs major rides in Ocean World and Rapid Stream World, including the Ferris Wheel and Crazy Roller Coaster (Dragon), will be removed. The majority of attractions found in Dynamic World, Tropical Rainforest World and Ice Polar World will remain.

The rides will continue to operate for up to three years from now, after which the areas of the park will be redeveloped for new vendors and operators. Over the next few months companies from around the world will be submitting bids and offers to redevelop and operate these plots in the park.

Ocean Park will launch three new projects in 2021, including their long-awaited water park. This water park will continue to operate as a separately ticketed attraction after the park changes it’s operational model.

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