You’ve Got a Great Past Ahead of You – Silver Dollar City Trip Report

Later in the day we decided it was time for more Time Traveler! The ride did seem to have quite some downtime during the day. Luckily we seemed to hit it every time just as it was testing and reopening!

Here’s another great look at the ride and the complexity of the layout as seen from the queue. The ride’s Vertical Loop gets threaded multiple times by the Dive Loop and first launch!

Time Travelin’ at 47mph! The launches aren’t very fast but is just what the ride needs to keep spinning and not hurt anyone. Genius ride!

So many different ways of experiencing this loop! Spinning through a loop is honestly a very neat experience.

Alright Time Traveler, thanks for the fun rides we’ll see you again soon!

Let’s admire Outlaw Run for a few more seconds! Now the ride is a few years old the super structure is really starting to look a certain age, and it’s beautiful.

Silver Dollar City is also home to the Flooded Mine a shooting boat dark ride with animatronics. The ride is a neat experience but felt super outdated.

A fun kind of outdated was Grandfather’s Mansion, a classic crooked house!

AHHH! Okay time for some last rides before the park closes…

… BACK TO WILDFIRE FOR THE LAST FEW RIDES OF THE DAY! Upon coming back to the station we noticed this beautiful piece of artwork/concept work:

It does not at all look like that awesome coaster named Kumba down here in Florida. Or does it?

Gorgeous color scheme and even more gorgeous views from this ride.

The Cobra Roll itself is one of the lesser intense moments on the ride, but really allows you to appreciate the difference in terrain as the element is already much elevated from the bottom of the first drop.

Besides this awesome turn, the ride’s very best moment is actually the final helix, which throws you down a sharp turn and into an airtime hill into the brake-run. Something we didn’t get to capture on camera.

Thank you Wildfire for being our favorite ride of the day. Your massiveness, pacing, airtime, and mostly views can not be beat at Silver Dollar City. You’re truly a forgotten B&M Masterpiece.

Thank you for checking out this Silver Dollar City report! If you’re a Dollywood pass holder, do what we did! Visit Silver Dollar City and present your season pass for 50% off admission and have a blast visiting the past.

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