Six Flags Over Georgia: April 2019

Alexander: It’s early Spring and the regional parks of North America are waking up from a long winter’s nap! We had the pleasure of starting our 2019 seasonal-park season at Six Flags Over Georgia! We enjoyed solid operations, saw some fresh changes, and of course rode some great rides!

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When going in for “A Six Flags Day,” you never really know what you’ve got in store – lucky for us, Six Flags Over Georgia was ready to impress!

A major change has come to the park’s entrance in the form of a Georgia Scorcher transformation!

While some rides on this modern classic (20 years old this year!) would have been great, missing out this time was as small price to pay for this much-needed change!

Fans of X2 at Six Flags Magic Mountain may find the red track/grey support color combo a little familiar! Can’t wait to return this summer for the finished product!

Another great new change for 2019 is this splendid plaza marquee! 

DareDevil Dive was running all 4 vehicles on our visit and demonstrated frequent dispatches! Despite this, the line was still longer that we cared to wait.

The central gaming pavilion under Goliath’s lift has been torn down and replaced by a seating area with boat sail awnings and a cute-but-temporary-looking carnival water game.

The park was gearing up for their World Record attempt for Biggest Game of Twister! While we did not participate, they had a huge turnout. We’re guessing the  attempt has been submitted and is pending review.

Mind Bender is running great, as always.

Water levels are slightly higher than normal, but nothing Mind Bender can’t handle.

Notice how the track is ever-so-slightly dipped into the pond!

Batman was running a tad slow in the cool weather, but once the humidity kicks in, it’ll be back to its greyout-inducing self.

Log Jamboree‘s flume was flowing without boats (at least from what we saw), but Thunder River was open for guests.

Meanwhile, Splashwater Falls is high and dry, and the signage for the ride has been taken down. Six Flags Over Texas’ identical Hopkins Shoot-the-chute has been retired as of this year – let the speculation begin! I think a 4-D Free Spin would look great here, don’t you?

A new environ for Six Flags Over Georgia is the Screampunk District! While the Lickskillet area  now stretches all the way to Hurricane Harbor (occupying what was left of the Cotton States Expedition following the conversion of the immediate Superman area into Metropolis), half of the original Lickskillet area is now Screampunk.

The go karts, Thunder River, and the lower Sky Buckets station are all now residents of the Screampunk District. The area’s signature ride, New-for-2019 Zamperla Giant Discovery Pandemonium, will replace the abandoned Whistlestop Park area. Thrilled to see Six Flags Over Georgia’s continued commitment to revitalizing areas (and hooray for a 2nd Screampunk District! Six Flags Magic Mountain must be so proud).

Who’s up for a little Blue Hawk appreciation!?

While Mind Bender is widely accepted as Six Flags Over Georgia’s best ride, Blue Hawk might just be our favorite.

Sean’s a big Vekoma fan (because Vekomas are lowkey awesome and also he’s Dutch), and Blue Hawk’s incredible design and splendid new trains are simply irresistible.

“Why not some glamour shots with Blue Hawk?” Why not indeed!? 😀

This thing is a real gift. The headchoppers alone handily make it one of the best coasters of the 80s.

Sometimes the best designs are borne from a series of obstacles – Blue Hawk‘s original location on a narrow New Jersey pier warranted a plethora of design quirks.

A firm wouldn’t necessarily need to design a ride with hair-raising near misses with track and supports, but that’s what was necessary at the time for Blue Hawk’s original incarnation, Wildwood’s Kamikaze – and it’s all the better for it.

While the Ninja motif was a sentimental favorite, there’s only more to enjoy in the Blue Hawk era of the ride, chiefly the ultra-modern Vekoma MK-1212 rolling stock.

Now on its 3rd moniker and 4th color scheme, the looper has never been more enchanting. 

Once an oft uncomfortable ride for even the biggest of enthusiasts, Blue Hawk is now a portrait of passenger comfort despite its remarkably wonky track transitions.

Behold! Happy, smiling faces!

With its classic Arrow trains salvaged from Six Flags Great Adventure (and its Vekoma trains before them), the ride battered most guests into submission.

Vest restraints elevate the ride to its maximum potential – its unparalleled design integrity now unmarred. The novelty of feeling like you’re centimeters from being decapitated is now the hallmark sensation (instead of incessant headbanging).

See this guy in the front? His hair was a lot longer before Blue Hawk‘s clearances cropped it into a new do.

It wouldn’t be a Six Flags visit without some headscratcher moments, and that includes a random wheelchair wedged into Blue Hawk’s overflow queue. 

I promise more pictures of the rest of the park are coming. We even have some fancy Twisted Cyclone shots for you!

Blue Hawk was the only coaster running one train on our visit. We waited about 45 minutes for the front seat and it was 100% worth it. Hopefully the 2nd train will be back online soon!

Superman was having operational struggles all day. We never actually saw it run with passengers.

Georgia Cyclone‘s 2-bench PTC trains are alive and well on Great American Scream Machine, which was running great for us.

Georgia Cyclone will always hold a special place in my heart, but I can’t be mad at Twisted Cyclone.

Despite having only 2800ft of track, the last of the Six Flags RMC Iron Horse conversions manages to be among the most memorable.

Maybe it’s the sharp hot rod rolling stock. Maybe its that delicious-looking color scheme. Maybe its the clever “Hurricane Party” beach bum aesthetic. Whatever it is, Twisted Cyclone’s style is in a class of its own.

Maybe it’s just me, but I prefer my RMCs on the shorter side. My Top 3 for the firm are Lightning Rod, Outlaw Run, and Twisted Cyclone.

Granted, I haven’t ridden Steel Vengeance yet. Perhaps it will take the title of “Fav I-Box” away from TC?

We’ll find out this summer!

Acrophobia is still the best modern drop tower around.

Let’s zero in on this cuteness for a moment, shall we?

Everyone’s invited to the party! But don’t forget your supplies!

Speaking of forgetting, we almost forgot about Goliath!  I guess that’s just what happens when you share a park with Mind Bender, Blue Hawk, and Twisted Cyclone.

Anyway, that concludes our update! Hope you all survived the Cyclone Party (and the onslaught of Blue Hawk pictures).

Six Flags Over Georgia really impressed us this visit. The cherry on top? LOTS of positive staff interactions. Keep it up, SFOG! We’ll be back later this season for Georgia Scorcher, Pandemonium, and of course more Blue Hawk.

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  1. The last Time I road Blue Hawk was when it was Nija and I hated it. I have been to six Flags Over Georgia since it has been repainted and renamed Blue Hawk. I just can not get banging my head several times out of my mind. Has blue Hawk really gotten better? I will try it this spring.

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