WinterFest coming to California’s Great America!

California’s Great America has announced that not only will they be remaining open for the winter season next year, but they will be holding a holiday event as well by the name of WinterFest. In this article we will briefly break down what this event will consist of, as well as our thoughts and opinions on this recent announcement. We hope you enjoy it.

WinterFest begins November 25 for weekend operation. Daily operations run December 19-23 and 26-30. As far as specifics go, the park has released a few cool details. First off, the event will of course include holiday lights and decor “The holiday season will be evident with 100 decorated trees, 7 uniquely lighted sections of the park, a main midway light show, a reindeer petting station, Charlie Brown’s Tree Lot and much more.” In addition Winterfest will feature the Bay Area’s largest Christmas tree (A title taken from Six Flags Discovery Kingdom), and Toy Soldiers at the entrance to greet guests.

The press release also stated that there will be a collection of holiday shows running. Live entertainment will include a nightly tree lighting ceremony, carolers performing on a holiday trolley, a Merry Christmas Snoopy ice show, Santa’s Elves stage show and face painting.California's Great America WinterFest Logo

Guests will be able to see Santa’s Workshop and Mrs. Claus’ kitchen, which is one of many locations that will offer seasonal food and drink. The most interesting addition will be the ice skating on the reflecting pool in front of the iconic Carousel Columbia. Although I’m not the best ice skater,this should be a very cool and unique addition that we’ll have to give a try.

The ride operation will include 18 attractions, Gold Striker, Star Tower, Rue Le Dodge, Celebration Swings, Carousel Columbia, Delirium and a collection of Planet Snoopy rides. Admission to WinterFest will be free for 2016 Gold and Platinum pass holders.Gold Striker001 (Large)

Overall, WinterFest sounds like a very extensive event, especially considering that it will be the first year of its operation. The fact that there will be seven uniquely lit sections of the park is pretty astounding. A light show in the first year is also welcome news, not to mention the uniquely awesome attractions such as reindeer petting and ice skating. The collection of shows should be a lot of fun and add to the atmosphere, especially the holiday trolley, and a Snoopy Ice show. Where this event could fall short is the lack of ride operation. Aside from Goldstriker which will be killer in the cold weather, and arguable Rue le Dodge, there really aren’t too many heavy hitters, although Star Tower should be beautiful with the whole park lit up. With all of the holiday attractions however, I’m sure there will be enough to keep guests busy for a night.

Thanks so much for reading as always, we really do appreciate it. We can’t wait for WinterFest, but what do you think? Comment below and let us know!

2 Replies to “WinterFest coming to California’s Great America!”

  1. This seems like a blatant rip off of Holiday in the Park… Light show=Six Flags:Dazzle, reindeer=Sledding Snow Hill, carolers on a trolley=holiday shows, etc… I don’t think Discovery Kingdom will like not having the tallest tree, they’ll probably dump more money into finding a taller tree…

    1. Of course the parks are in competition, but you also have to understand the differences. California’s Great America is featuring a skating rink at the front of park and its nowhere near the sledding at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. The shows are not the same either, each park that hosts a winter event will feature multiple shows. I understand SFDK has carolers, but that’s kind of typical for an amusement park because of the theme of the event. Just because they are doing all this doesn’t mean they are copying, in all means, they’re only trying to be unique. Gilroy Gardens hosted a similar event and no one said anything about the parks and competition. I hope to not sound rude or anything and I understand its your opinion, but you shouldn’t say anything yet till the event has officially been done because who knows, maybe there’s more than they announced considering its only February 😉

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