What is Coaster Kings?

Sean: Coaster Kings started as California Coaster Kings, likely where you know us from. Now we’re changing. We’re the same people. With the same coverage. On a new website.

After years of consistent California coaster and theme park coverage, we slowly started to add new regions of coverage. In addition to launching several regional sub brands, such as Europe and Florida, we also started to travel around the world significantly more. In our search for the best theme parks and coasters around the world, slowly the focus of the site became much more than just our local parks in California. Thanks to an amazing team that has worked hard for years to create content and provide news and reports from theme parks around California, and the World, we’re now proudly presenting a new brand. The new brand.

Coaster Kings, thecoasterkings.com, is a new website that hosts all reports and articles we’ve ever launched. It will be home to our coverage from around the world without a focus on a specific region. There will still be plenty of California theme park news, with some more coverage from elsewhere in the world. The website will introduce more coverage from Florida, a new frontier where we’ll be expanding to. For our European fans, European coverage will now be hosted on this website as well.

The launch of a new master-brand, Coaster Kings, couldn’t exist without more big changes. In 2019 we plan on launching two big new projects that will enhance the experience for our readers to create a more inclusive brand. Such projects include a web-store and a podcast. More details will be shared with our readers when they become available.

Our existing social media pages will remain region specific, as they have been. For European coverage we have European Coaster Kings, for Florida we have Florida Coaster Kings, for California we have California Coaster Kings. For a collection of “wild-card” articles and specialty pieces, we will have Cabin Crew Coaster Kings. The website itself will not be region specific.

I’d like to take the time to thank everyone for the support the past five and a half years, we’ve had a ton of fun being the California Coaster Kings, it’s now time to take over the world. “it’s a small world after all’.

We look forward to seeing you back online, right here. On thecoasterkings.com!

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