Journey to Atlantis – Rebuild Update – Late November 2018

Sean: Journey to Atlantis at SeaWorld San Diego closed last month to undergo a lengthy, but much needed refurbishment. Journey to Atlantis opened in 2004 as the second water coaster SeaWorld had obtained from Mack Rides. Over the years many of the effects stop working and the coaster/flume hybrid has gotten increasingly rougher. Worry no more, as we will discuss in this update, Journey to Atlantis will be completely re-tracked and some of its original effects will be brought back!

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Thanks to out friend and reader Maverick, we have some pictures of the work taking place on Journey to Atlantis this week. Structures around the elevator tower of the ride suggest that the exterior of the towers are getting a refresh as well. The most important aspect of the coaster’s important refurbishment though lies with the replacement of the track, to make the ride much smoother. The ride layout will be the exact same, much like the Hulk transformation at Universal’s Islands of Adventures. 

That process is currently in full swing, and we’re glad to see this attraction get some love. It is one of our favorites, but there is no denying that it really went down hill in the past few years. The current work done is very promising. Luckily we can potentially see a whole new fleet of boats/ride vehicles, which on the new track should really create a much smoother experience. 

This set of supports that around the big helix in the second half are lacking all traces of track existing as the old track has been dismantled and new track will soon be added. 

Here’s another close up shot of the construction/ re-tracking work going on. We’re looking forward to seeing what SeaWorld has in store, all this ride-related activity throughout the chain is exciting and certainly seems to be a great continuation on the path of a bright SeaWorld future!

Thanks for checking out this new SeaWorld San Diego – Journey to Atlantis report! We have just launched a new Dollywood Wildwood Grove construction update, make sure to check that out!

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