Universal’s Islands of Adventure and Jurassic World Coaster Update – Mid-September 2020

Another few days have passed since our previous update of the Jurassic World coaster coming to Universal’s Islands of Adventure. This week we’re seeing the track pull-through, development of queue infrastructure, touches of theming, and changes to the supports for potential netting being added. That and more in today’s update!

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We’ll start off our report with a quick look at our lovely lunch at Mythos. We’re repeatedly surprised with how awesome the service and food is.

Our appetizers were fire, and so were our entrees.

The Fork, Knife and Spoon Grilled Cheese and the Pad Thai are some of our favorites.

Before we get into the reason why you’re reading this report (Jurassic World), we do want to report that work has resumed on the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey lockers that are being added. Rockwork will be surrounding this locker center to help it blend in with the rockwork below the castle.

Alright, onto Jurassic World. The coaster seems to be getting very close to testing already. A major milestone process is still happening right now, which is the pull through and envelope testing.

The train (2 of 6 cars) are very slowly being dragged through the ride’s layout. It’s navigating the layout in reverse for this test.

Even the train wraps are Jurassic Park/World themed. Which is cool to see.

Lowering and moving the trains around during this phase is tedious and quite slow. To see videos of the train lowering on the top hat element, see our social media pages!

It was also super windy today, so kudos to the people up there because there was quite some swaying.

By the time we got to the other side of the ride, the train had already been lowered a bit further. For this coaster this is a multi-day process and we’re excited to see how navigating through the spaghetti-bowl section of the coaster will go.

By the time we left the park, the train seemed to have almost entered the tunnel. So it took about half an operating day or so to get it from the top of the element down.

Meanwhile there is a lot more progress to be seen around the coaster. All the main construction of ride and buildings may have been completed, it was still a very busy week for crews.

Join us on the 2nd page of this report for new theming/landscaping, queue infrastructure, and changes to existing supports for potential netting!

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